• Math Game Night Fun! Math Game Night Fun!
  • Math Game Night Fun! Math Game Night Fun!
  • Math Game Night Fun! Math Game Night Fun!
  • Math Game Night Fun! Math Game Night Fun!
  • Math Game Night Fun! Math Game Night Fun!
  • Math Game Night Fun! Math Game Night Fun!
  • Math Game Night Fun! Math Game Night Fun!
  • Math Game Night Fun! Math Game Night Fun!
  • Math Game Night Fun! Math Game Night Fun!
  • Math Game Night Fun! Math Game Night Fun!
  • Math Game Night Fun! Math Game Night Fun!

Website articles are written by Central School Fourth Graders. Previous articles can be accessed from the older post link on the bottom left.

4th Grade Bread Bakers!!

Mixing ingredients...

Mixing ingredients…

Forming the loaves...

Forming the loaves…

Ready to bake...

Ready to bake…







Mrs. Harty’s 4th grade class took on the responsibility of baking the Italian bread for the CES Spaghetti Supper to be held this Friday, January 30th, at the Moose Family Lodge from 5:00 to 6:30.  Students measured and combined ingredients, kneaded and formed the loaves, and then baked the loaves.  The loaves have been frozen now, and they will be thawed on Friday when the students will finish the process by applying garlic butter before the loaves are reheated for the dinner.

Mrs. Harty’s class hopes everyone will attend the dinner to enjoy the spaghetti, meatballs, and yummy garlic bread which they have made!  If you have not sent in your reservation, please call the school at 463-4346 to let the cooks know how much they should prepare.  Even without a reservation, please join us at the Moose Family Lodge on Friday evening!

Yummy golden loaves!

Yummy golden loaves!

Spaghetti Supper Extraordinaire!!

rsz_img_20150123_150802284by Chloe

The public is invited to join the CES community for a spaghetti supper!  The spaghetti supper will be hosted at the Bellows Falls Family Moose Lodge on Friday, January 30th, from 5:00 to 6:30 PM, and all the funds raised will benefit the CES Parent Teacher Organization.

Each grade has been asked to bring an ingredient to help make the spaghetti. Kindergarten’s ingredient was one stick of butter.  The first grade was asked to bring a one pound box of spaghetti. Second grade was asked to bring one can of plain spaghetti sauce. Fourth grade was asked to bring bread-flour for garlic bread.  Mrs. Harty’s class used the bread-flour to make yummy garlic bread!!

CES hopes to see lots of families and friends at the spaghetti supper!


Math Game Night!!

cardsby Kieona

Calling all students in grades K through 2!!!  Please bring your families to our Math Game Night to be held this Wednesday, January 28th, from 6 to 7 PM in the CES gym. Families will play two math games from the Investigations math program, and Mr. Lawry will also have a third “active” math game for families. Every family that attends will go home with a grab bag of math goodies to use at home, and the grade with the most students participating will receive a trophy!!

Don’t worry, 3rd and 4th graders, you will get to have a Math Game Night on February 11th!

Investigating Investigations!


Investigations involves talking…..

by Ella

This school year, all Central School classes began using a new math program called Investigations.  Mr. Nemlich explained,  “Investigations is a program that has been around for many years.  It  has been used at different grade levels in this building, but this year we have extended it so that it is being used throughout all the grades, K-4.”

...and explaining your thinking...

…and explaining your thinking…

He added, “Investigations is based on different practices around math, not the traditional ‘this is how we add, this is how we subtract’ kind of teaching.  It is more exploratory with lots of opportunities to play around with math ideas and help you discover things on your own.”


…and using manipulatives…


….and building arrays….

When asked if he liked the Investigations program, Mr.Nemlich said, “I do like it because it helps kids become more math thinkers than math doers.  It is really important that kids are thinking about numbers and how numbers are used and how they can use numbers as opposed to simply getting good at multiplying numbers or adding numbers.”

Mr.Nemlich added, “I don’t think it is complicated.  I think it is actually a more exciting math program.  Lots of activities, lots of working with classmates, listening to classmates, working together.  A lot less ‘kids sitting in chairs listening to the teacher talk’ type of instruction.  It is a much more engaging and fun program, and learning should be fun.”

Mr.Nemlich said he would “absolutely” have liked to have had the Investigations math program used when he was a kid!  He added, “I was the kind of kid that did okay in math, but I didn’t really understand what I was doing.  I didn’t fully understand subtraction until I had to teach it to somebody and then I could explain it.  As I was doing it as a kid, I was just sort of following processes and procedures.  I think Investigations is much more exciting.”

Alex, a fourth grader, agreed.  He said, ”I think Investigations takes you deeper into math and makes you understand math better.”


…and explaining your answer….

Mrs.Sellarole likes the new math program a lot.  She said, “Investigations helps students to think deeply about math and really understand place value too.  This program helps students think about and explain their thinking as they make sense of math.  There are fewer topics but students look into them more deeply, using models, cubes, and number lines to show their math thinking.  They also use math thinking to link math to real life examples.”


…which you can get in many different ways!

Mark your calendars!  On January 28th, there will be a Family Math Night for families with students in kindergarten, first, and second grades.  Then on February 11th, there will be a Family Math Night for families with students in third and fourth grades.  Families will learn and play math games, and the class with the most families attending will win a trophy!!


Second Graders Visit Nature Museum for Rock Study!

rsz_20150109_115932by Ziegen

On Friday, January 9th, second graders traveled by bus to the Nature Museum in Grafton for a field trip. They went there as part of their study about rocks, and Lynn Morgan talked with them about the three types of rocks.  The three types of rocks are metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary.

rsz_20150109_120958Mrs. Hearne said that the PTO sponsored the field trip, and the whole class said that they had fun.  Evan reported, “We took a flashlight in a tunnel and saw animals.”  Chandler said, “We saw stuffed animals.”  Edward said, “We saw a cave full of gems.”  The Nature Museum was a great field trip!!

First Grade Swimmers!!

rsz_img_1942by Chloe

The first graders are going swimming every Friday in January!  They are going to the Edgar May Center in Springfield, VT.  The first graders are leaving on a school bus at 11:30 AM each Friday, and many of the 1st graders are excited about going swimming!

Anthony said, “I feel great about going swimming!”  Sabrina said, “ I feel happy about going swimming!”  Henry said, “I am thrilled about going swimming because it’s my first time going swimming in the winter!“  Mikayla said, “I’m glad to go swimming because my mom works there!”  Kiera said, “I am excited because people are going to teach me more about swimming!“  Some students were a little nervous, though.  Tatiana said, “I’m scared because I don’t know how to swim.”

rsz_img_1937After she got back from swimming, Tatiana said, “I was scared, but after I started to swim, I was very excited that I started to swim!”  Madysin said, “I learned more swimming skills!” Cadance said, ”I learned how to float on my back! I did the little test, and I loved going into the three to six feet section!”

Reed spoke for many of the first graders when he said that he was “very excited and had lots of fun!”


CES Students Go Ice Skating!

rsz_2015-01-15_112538by Kieona

3rd and 4th graders will be going ice-skating Thursdays, January 15th and 22nd at the Vermont Academy ice arena.  Mr. Lawry is planning these trips so that the 3rd and 4th graders can have some physical activity and fun.  Students will be going on a bus, and they are required to wear helmets when they are skating because they’re likely to fall.  Mr. Lawry arranged the ice-skating trips so students can learn a physical activity to do in the long winter.  The CES Parent Teacher Organization has paid for the ice-skating.  Many 3rd and 4th graders are excited about going ice-skating.  Some said that they were nervous.  Alyssa said, “I feel excited because I already have been ice-skating and it was fun!” Chloe said, “I feel excited because the last time, I started to ice-skate and I think I can do it again!”  Grace also feels really excited going ice-skating.  Ziegen said, “I wish we could go ice-skating every single day because it’s lots of fun!”  3rd and 4th graders feel different ways about going ice-skating.  Hopefully everyone has fun!

Mrs. Kamel’s Classroom Showcase!

rsz_21by Dagin

Mrs.Kamel’s class presented their classroom showcase about the solar system on Monday, January 12th, during Monday Morning Meeting in the CES gym.  The presentation was created by making a Google Docs presentation and then moving it into VoiceThread where the students were able to narrate the slides.  The students worked in pairs to research and present about one of the planets or another part of the solar system.  The students used model planets to demonstrate how the planets orbit (move) around the sun.  As part of their research, Mrs.Kamel’s class read the books Starry Messenger, The Magic School Bus: Lost in Space, and other nonfiction (true) books about the planets and the sun.    Kieona said, “I was very nervous,” but Mrs. Kamel said, “The students did a great job!”  To view the presentation, click this link: https://voicethread.com/new/share/6414365/.

The Beaver Game

rsz_2014-12-23_094605by Ziegen

During Intensive Needs class in December, Briana, Nakita, and David made a Beaver Game for their class because the class was learning about keystone species.  They were able to make the game by using a game-making kit.  Mr. Paul and Miss Diane helped them.  On December 23, 2014, Mr.Paul’s group presented the game to the rest of Mrs. Harty’s class.  You play the game by moving from a lilypad to a lodge, and you collect logs on the way until you get to the lodge.  (A lodge is a beaver home.)  When you roll the dice, if you see a F that means friend, and if you see a P that means predator.  Friends move you forward; predators move you back.  Nakita said, “It took about a week to make it.” Both Nakita and David said, “We were happy about making the game.”  Finally Nakita said, “The hardest part was making and gluing the sticks.” Mrs. Harty’s class played the beaver game, and they loved it!



CES Second Graders Give to TARPS

Wendy O'Dette receives donations from second graders for TARPS!

Wendy O’Dette receives donations from second graders for TARPS!

by Ashlin and Julianna

The second graders are trying to make difference in the world by helping The Animal Rescue and Protection Society (TARPS), an animal shelter that helps cats and kittens that have bad homes or no homes.  Second graders are helping by raising money and collecting cat supplies.  They are bringing in wet cat food, canned cat food, and bagged cat food.

On Friday, December 12th, Wendy O’Dette, the president of TARPS, came into Central School to talk with the second graders about TARPS.  She told the students that TARPS believes that every cat deserves a home, and everyone who works there does it without getting paid.  She also talked about how important it is for people to get their cats spayed or neutered so that they don’t have more and more and more kittens.

Most of the second graders loved the cute kitten calendar that Ms. O’Dette brought to share with them.   Aubrey loved the picture of the cat that looked like her cat Max!

Hadley and Emma K brought in cat food for the shelter.  Nevaeh said, “I like the kitten calendar a lot, and I brought in some money for TARPS.”

Edward said, “I love how she talked about how they take care of all the cats and kittens, and I might bring in a can of cat food if I can.”

Rick loved the kitten calendar a lot, and he said, ”All the cats are so cute.”

Mrs. O said, “I enjoyed Ms. O’Dette’s presentation.  I didn’t know too much about the shelter before she came.  I learned that the shelter takes in cats but not dogs.  They have around 80 cats that need a home!  We are still collecting money and food.  We have collected a lot of cat food so far!  The most popular item brought in so far is cans of cat food.  The second grade at CES is making a difference by collecting for TARPS!

Mrs. Hearne said, “It is good to give to people, and it is the giving time of year because it is near Christmas.”