• CES Concert! CES Concert!
  • CES Concert! CES Concert!
  • CES Concert! CES Concert!
  • CES Concert! CES Concert!
  • CES Concert! CES Concert!
  • CES Concert! CES Concert!
  • CES Concert! CES Concert!
  • CES Concert! CES Concert!
  • CES Concert! CES Concert!
  • CES Concert! CES Concert!
  • CES Concert! CES Concert!
  • CES Concert! CES Concert!
  • CES Concert! CES Concert!
  • CES Concert! CES Concert!
  • CES Concert! CES Concert!

Website articles are written by Central School Fourth Graders. Previous articles can be accessed from the older post link on the bottom left.

Rockin’Ham 5K Website

rsz_rockinghamcolorPlans are going strong for our first annual Rockin’Ham 5K Run/Walk to be held Saturday, April 4th! We are hoping that lots and lots of CES students and families will participate in this fun, family-friendly event!! (Please do not bring your pets!)

Updated information about sponsors and raffle prizes and registration can be found at our 5K website link. Click anywhere on the rockin’ pig to connect to the 5K website!

Thermometer Rises Again!

The thermometer is off the charts....

The thermometer is off the charts….

by Saquon

The thermometer has gone up again!  This time it is all the way up to $7000!!!  The red line stretches across most of the ceiling!!  Can it go all the way down the other wall???

Here is what staff members have said about the Rockin’Ham 5K and the fundraising effort for the Central School Parent Teacher Organization:

Miss Cloues said, “I think it is amazing that so much money has already been raised, and I love that so many students are going to participate. What a wonderful event for raising community awareness and for demonstrating school spirit!”

Linda Shepard, Occupational Therapist, said that she is, “Proud!!  Proud of the people who are organizing it.  Proud of the teachers, students and parents who are supporting it. Proud of the community for supporting such a worthy cause!”

Mr. Paul said, “I feel like this school is AMAZING, and I’m proud to be here!”

Ms. Neumann said, “I think it is fabulous! Seeing how our community supports our school is wonderful!”

Nurse Anita said that she feels “ecstatic, and totally in awe of the amazing committee leading this 5K ‘adventure’. Thank you to all those responsible, both at CES and in our wonderfully supportive and generous community.”

...and across the ceiling!!

…and across the ceiling!!

Mrs. Pickering said, “I am totally amazed! It shows us what a supportive community we live in and what an awesome school we have!!!”

Mrs. Sellarole said, “I think the 5K is so exciting! What a fun event that has demonstrated how our school and community can really synergize, and get the job done!!”

Mrs. Verespy said, “I am so impressed with the tremendous response from our school, families and the community! I am also really excited that all the money will go directly toward enriching experiences and educational programs for all of our students!”

Mrs. Durand said, “It is heartwarming to see such support from the community for Central School. The energy and excitement about the race is contagious. I can’t wait for race day!”

And, last but not least, Mr. Nemlich said, “This amount far exceeds our goal and expectations. It demonstrates the community’s commitment to our school, our students, and the work we do here. I know that the PTO will put these funds to excellent use through the school. For those staff members who have given a great deal of time and energy to organizing this event, seeing such a positive response must be quite rewarding.”

CES Students Shine in Concert Performance!

2nd singingby Saquon

Central School students sang their hearts out at the school concert that was held on Thursday, March 19th!   The concert theme was “The Leader in Me,” and students from the different grades read explanations of the Seven Habits in between a program of songs all about the Seven Habits!  During the song “Drift Away,” the audience even participated by waving their cell phones like at a rock concert!!  Mrs. Daigneault and the students put a lot of work into the concert, and Mrs. Cohun and the students put a lot of work into the art displays in the auditorium.  Everyone who attended thought it was fabulous!  Mrs. Massucco said, “It was fantastic!!  What a beautiful, joyful show! The kids had such energy and enthusiasm!!”

4th Graders Make First Visit to BFMS

Bellows Falls Middle School

Bellows Falls Middle School

by Alex and Joey

On Tuesday, March 17th, the CES 4th graders visited the Bellows Falls Middle School to meet the 4th graders from Saxtons River Elementary School.  These students will be their classmates next year, because Saxtons River will no longer have a 5th grade class.  The students had a chance to play games with each other and get to know others.  They played human bingo which is when you have to look for someone that has done something on your paper, and if they have done it that person writes their autograph on your paper. The students also played Barnyard.  In this game they thought of an animal and when the music started, they walked around the gym. When the music stopped, they made the sound of the animal they picked and got with the other students making the same sound as them.  There was also another game where they would just mingle around and when the music stopped, they would get in groups of a certain number and do an activity.

Some students were interviewed on how the trip was for them.  Hunter said, “I think the visit was great.”

Sierra said,  “It was awesome.”

Lucas said, ”The visit was good.  I got to see my friends from Saxtons River.  I played with my friends Ian and Abby.”

Julie said, “I thought it was fun because I got to meet new friends and got to see friends I already knew.”

Central School fourth grade students will be visiting the Middle School again soon for a full tour of the building.

Kindergarten Visitor!

The wearing o' the green in front of the leprechaun trap!

The wearing o’ the green in front of the leprechaun trap!

by Julianna

Kindergarten had a very funny visitor on Tuesday, March 17th.  A leprechaun came to visit them!!! The leprechaun was naughty and nice.  The leprechaun was naughty because he tipped over the kindergarten’s green tables. He also spilled green things all over the floor like green glitter and books and more. He left 2 boxes of lucky charms for the kids and teachers.

The kindergarteners made a trap to get the leprechaun. They made all different decorations to put on the trap. Colton helped to decorate the trap. He said, “I made a picture of a leprechaun on the trap.”

Some of the kindergarteners had different things to say about the leprechaun coming. Delaney said, “I am very excited about the leprechaun coming. He left his hat and fake money for us to use.”

Wyatt said, “I thought it was cool and awesome that the leprechaun visited us. My favorite part was he left us lucky charms, and he left hairballs on the floor.”

Etina was a little nervous about a leprechaun coming into her classroom. Her least favorite part was when the leprechaun tipped over the green tables.

At the end of the day, though, everybody had a great St.Patrick’s Day, and they all helped clean up the kindergarten classroom!

Rockin’ Raffle!!


Mrs. Steuwe demonstrates how to sell raffle tickets....and Mr. Smith bought some!!

Mrs. Steuwe demonstrates how to sell raffle tickets….and Mr. Smith bought some!!

by Alex

As part of the Rockin’Ham 5K on April 4th, CES is also holding a Rockin’ Raffle!  Students are selling raffle tickets to their families, neighbors, and friends.  During Monday Morning Meeting on March 9th, Mrs. Steuwe demonstrated how to sell tickets in a kind, positive way.  She showed how you need to smile and only ask people you know if they would like some raffle tickets.  Tickets come in books of 6, and prices are $1 each or a whole book (6 tickets) for $5.

Here are just some of the amazing prizes that have been donated by local individuals and businesses:

Gift certificates to Athens Pizza

Hand turned pen donated by Peter Lawry

$50 gift certificate to Olive Garden or Longhorn Steakhouse

Two passes to a day at Roots on the River Music Festival

A children’s DVD donated by Real to Reel in Walpole

Stained glass box donated by Dan Durand

Disney baskets donated by Pixie & Pirate Destinations!

Passes to the movies!

There are many, many more prizes!!  A full list of prizes can be found at our Rockin’Ham 5K website.  If you want to buy some raffle tickets, please see any Central School student or call the school at 802-463-4346.


First Grade Studies the Sky!

Lynn Morgan showing the difference between "rotation" and "orbit."

Lynn Morgan showing the difference between “rotation” and “orbit.”

by Hunter

In February and March, the 1st graders have been researching the sky. They have been learning about the sun, the stars, the moon, and clouds. On Friday, March 13th, Lynn Morgan from The Grafton Nature Museum came to Central School to lead a demonstration of the phases of the moon. Students used models of the moon and orbited the moon models around themselves, representing the Earth. Mrs.Verespy  said, “My class has been studying the clouds for a couple of weeks, since February 23rd.  They’ve been researching and writing, drawing pictures, and reading books.” Mrs. I added, “My class has read a moon phase book and created a poster.” Both Mrs. Verespy and Mrs. I said that they hope that first graders will understand that the sky goes through many changes, both seasonal changes and weather changes.  

Concert Dress Rehearsal!

Kindergarten practices for the concert with Mrs. Daigneault!

Kindergarten practices for the Concert!

by Joey

On March 19th, CES will be having a dress rehearsal for the CES spring concert. Students will leave at 8:30 AM and will come back at 10:30 AM.  Students will travel by bus to the Bellows Falls Union High School for the dress rehearsal.

The concert will take place on Thursday evening, March 19th, at 6:30 at Bellows Falls Union High School.  For the concert, students are asked to wear blue shirts (preferably royal blue).  No one will be allowed into the auditorium until 6:10.  Kids will be called to the stage at 6:25.  At the end of the concert, kids will stand at the side of the auditorium to wait for parents.  The theme of the concert is The Leader In Me.  Some songs will be “Dynamite” and “Drift Away.”  

Report Cards!

by Alex

Central School students received their second trimester report cards today, Wednesday, March 18th.  Please check your child’s backpack for the report card, and as always, please contact the school if you would like to set up a conference with your child’s teacher. 

Pajama Day!

by Aaliyah

Most of the kids at CES were wearing pajamas to school on Friday the 13th!  They were wearing them because it was one of the school spirit days, and it was so much fun to do at school!  Moriah said, “I had so much fun, and I wish we could sleep all day too!”  Sierra said that it was awesome fun, and she loved other people’s pajamas!  Jaxon was scared because he did not know if his class would be wearing PJ’s!  The next spirit day is Friday, March 20th, and it will be Mix and Match Day!