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Important Message For Families: Parent-Teacher Conferences


On Tuesday, October 15th, school will be closed for Parent-Teacher Conferences. When you arrive at school, please come in and head to your child’s classroom. If you are not sure where to go, just stop in the main office and Mrs. Rounds or Mr. Nemlich will be there to help you. While you are here, we need you to complete two tasks online. The first is to view a slideshow about Title I services at Central and the second is to complete a Parent Survey. Here are the links to these items:

Title I Slideshow

CES Parent Survey

Thank you for your time and input. I hope you have an excellent meeting with your child’s teacher!

Keith Nemlich

Farm to Table

By James Janiszyn


Central school is trying new things in the lunchroom. I interviewed Erica ,the new lunch manager and asked her about some interesting food groups that she is adding to the school lunch . She told me that it’s important for kids to try new foods like spaghetti squash,tofu,and kale .The farms they get most of their foods from are Pete’s stand and other local growers .  I asked her what kids liked most ,she said pizza,cantaloupe and even chilli. All of these are made with natural and whole ingredients. My favorite thing is the tacos. So hey lets try new things! : P

Hall Of Fun!

By Ryan Fisher

There is a new look in the hall by the kindergarten. Students move through the hall having fun  doing hopscotch on numbers, jumping on lily pads and doing the bear walk on the bear claws. Over the summer, Mrs. Green and Mrs.McCants put some amazing decals on the ground and on the wall.  It is not only fun, it is good for your body, helps you move ,and is a great brain break.

New Library Look

by Vera Stanley

   Did you know that Central Elementary School repainted a part of the library? 

Mrs. Hauser painted over Disney pictures such as … Alice in Wonderland , Mickey Mouse, and Songs of the South.  The staff got together and decided that it was a good idea to paint over the pictures. Mrs.Hauser volunteered to do the work .Why you may ask ? It all happened because we did not have permission to put characters on the CES library walls.  We did not want to be in violation of copyright law.The front wall is painted white with butterfly and fairy decals. The side wall is painted with black board paint. If you have an original idea to decorate the other plain library walls see Ms.Hauser.  Maybe just maybe you will come to the library class and see your idea on the wall!! Enjoy the beautiful pictures!!