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Hike For Hunger

By Austin Heck

On October 27th our school will be Hiking For Hunger. Hike For Hunger is when the students of CES  walk to Our Place and donate non perishable food items we have collected at school.Our Place is an organization that is open for people who need shelter, food, other community resources. The whole school will be participating. We are doing this because Bellows Falls Central Elementary School likes to give back to the community. The students of CES will carry the items they donated and the rest will be driven over. Please look for the containers in the hallway and DONATE!! Please and thank you.

Do you know the new art teacher?

By: Raven Stanley
Mr.Palmisano is CES’s new art teacher. He became an art teacher because he wants to help kids improve their art. Mr.P was inspired to be an art teacher from an art teacher he had in school growing up. He wanted to be an art teacher since his sophomore year in high school. Mr.P went to college at Johnson State College. He took classes at Johnson State on how to be a teacher, after that, he got a teacher’s licence. The next time you’re in the school, you should stop and see the new art teacher Mr.Palmisano.


By Liam Taylor

Something exciting happened this week to the third and fourth graders.  It was Bike Week.   You may have asked,  “What was the trailer on the back playground?”  The trailer was  full of bikes!  Mr.Lawry was able to rent the trailer and the bikes were loaned to the school.     We have bike week because it is very  important to stay safe while biking. During bike week we learn how to use hand signals, learn all about wearing bright colors and the ABC quick check.  We even got to go for a bike ride around town!  Cayden Gay, fourth grade says, “I think bike week is good because kids might not have experience with different types of bikes or they might not even have a bike at home.  I think it will help them learn skills so when they old enough to ride on roads, they will know the rules of the road and not be hit by a car.”

Thanks to Mr. Lawry and Mrs.Stuewe.  According to Mr.Lawry, “Bike week would not be possible if it weren’t for Mrs. Stuewe.”

Have You Noticed a New Face in the Library?

By Kiera Bathrick

Have you noticed a new face in the library?  Ms.Hauser is our new librarian.

Ms. Hauser has two kids and loves yoga. She has a house in Guilford and loves the candy Swedish Fish and chocolate. Ms.Hauser likes reading books to kids and became a librarian 6 years ago. She  went to school at UVM but she did most of her work on the computer. Ms.Hauser became a school librarian because she loves books and working with kids.

Also she likes teaching kids tech. Ms.Hauser applied for the library job when Mrs.Spurlock became a new librarian at the Green Mountain High School in Chester. If you see Ms.Hauser in the library make sure you give her a wave or say hi.

While you are here….

Hello, parents and guardians! You will be meeting with teachers for our fall parent-teacher conferences. While you are here, we need some feedback from you. You’ll find a Chromebook set up outside the classroom for you to access our Parent Survey and view a slide presentation on Title 1 services. Use the links below to do so.

CES Parent Survey

Title I Slide Presentation

Thank you for your participation.

Keith Nemlich

New Playground Needs Your Help

By Austin Heck

There isScreen Shot 2017-10-05 at 12.36.35 PM a new park being built in front of Central Elementary School. There will be a work party this weekend, October 6-8, to help build it.  People can help as long as they are 16 years old or older. People with children who would like to work, there is childcare provided. For more information or to sign up to help, call Parks Place and talk to Deb Witkus  her phone number is (802) 463-9927 or sign up on Facebook.  She will be working with Stephanie Heck, who will be babysitting. It will be fun! We are trying to have it done by October 10. Please Support your community!

Echo Pass Available in School Library

BY Cayden Gay


                                  Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 12.29.15 PM

There is something exciting in the CES Library that families can borrow! IT’S AN ECHO PASS!! If you don’t know what an echo pass is, it is a card that will give groups of four a discount to The Echo Leahy Center for Lake Champlain in  Burlington, Vermont. You and three guests can buy a ticket for $7.00 each. That is about half the regular ticket price, children under 2 get in for free. Echo is an aquarium/science center that displays live animals that live in the Lake Champlain. It is open from 10am-5pm daily. To get more details go to


Playground Help Needed!

We are getting ready to construct our NEW playground at Central Elementary School.  Join staff, parents and the greater community to help assemble the structures.  Any and all help is welcome.  Remember, many hands make light work! We look forward to seeing you!

Welcome Back CES Community!

The first day of school is August 30! The staff at CES can not wait to see you!    quote for website

Students can arrive for recess and breakfast 7:40 AM.  Dismissal is 2:45.

Farewell to Fourth Grade

Cover-2017 Farewell to 4th.001

Click on the photo above to watch the Farewell to Fourth Grade video!