• Have a two-fisted watermelon summer!! Have a two-fisted watermelon summer!!
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Kindergarten Graduation!

  • The Kindergarten Graduation Walk The Kindergarten Graduation Walk
  • The Kindergarten Graduation Walk The Kindergarten Graduation Walk
  • The Kindergarten Graduation Walk The Kindergarten Graduation Walk
  • The Kindergarten Graduation Walk The Kindergarten Graduation Walk
  • The Kindergarten Graduation Walk The Kindergarten Graduation Walk
  • The Kindergarten Graduation Walk The Kindergarten Graduation Walk
  • The Kindergarten Graduation Walk The Kindergarten Graduation Walk
  • The Kindergarten Graduation Walk The Kindergarten Graduation Walk
  • The Kindergarten Graduation Walk The Kindergarten Graduation Walk
  • The Kindergarten Graduation Walk The Kindergarten Graduation Walk
  • The Kindergarten Graduation Walk The Kindergarten Graduation Walk

The caps were in place, the tassels were bobbing, waves had been practiced, chairs had been arranged!  Lining the halls leading from the kindergarten classrooms to the gymnasium were CES students from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades, eagerly awaiting our youngest students as they proceeded to their Kindergarten Graduation!  And down the hall they came!!  The applause began!  The smiles widened!  The kindergarteners waved!  Then into the gym they marched where parents, grandparents, siblings, families, friends, and 3rd grade buddies had filled every seat!  There was singing!  (Thank you, Mrs. Daigneault!)  There were speeches!  (Thank you, Mr. Nemlich!)  There were diplomas!  (Thank you, Mrs. Pickering and Mrs. Rawling!)  There might even have been a few tears!  (Thank you, families!)  And now it is on to first grade!!  But first…..have a wonderful summer!!



4th Grade Trip to Plymouth Notch

2005-03-12_133150by Gaven

The 4th graders had a great trip to Plymouth Notch. They explored the whole town, including the graveyard, Calvin Coolidge’s homestead, and the General Store. Ethan said, “It was great to explore the historic site of one of the only presidents from Vermont.”

2005-03-12_135427 2005-03-12_102628


CES Thanks Volunteers!


Marge Ladd receives Layperson’s Award from Mrs. Durand

by Shelby

On Monday, June 9th, Central School staff members congratulated and thanked the many volunteers who have helped at CES throughout the school year.  During our Monday Morning Meeting in the gym, volunteers were presented with certificates and flowers by their child and their child’s teacher. Marge Ladd was given the WNEA Layperson’s award for her work with both kindergarten classes and with Mrs. Kamel’s 4th grade.  There was a special thank you to Michael Marquise of Marquise & Morano for funding the presentations from the Nature Museum. Mr. Nemlich offered brief remarks about how the health of a school is reflected in the commitment of the community to the school, and based upon our wonderful volunteers, CES is looking very healthy!


1st Grade Montshire Trip

10410809_10203938987145192_1563492248035859164_nCES first graders traveled to the Montshire Museum on Wednesday, June 4th, to learn the science of color, explore the museum, and enjoy the water park!  During the morning, each 1st grade class participated in a color mixing experimentation program, learning about primary and secondary colors.  After a bag lunch, students headed outdoors to splash and play in the wet experiments and displays behind the museum.  The weather was perfect for a celebratory trip, and lots of smiles were seen and new discoveries made throughout the day!

Kindergarten Goes Farming!

photo (70)

Feeding the baby goats!

A pony ride!

A pony ride!

by Jonathan

On Tuesday, May 20th, the kindergarteners went to the East Hill Farm in Troy, New Hampshire, in preparation for their farm study. While they were at the farm, the students got to feed all the animals, including baby goats which they fed out of baby bottles! They also got to have pony rides, and they had a lunch of pizza and lemonade. The students enjoyed many parts of the trip. Cayden’s favorite part was riding the horses, Sabrina’s favorite part was milking the cow, and Ashlin’s favorite part was holding the bunnies. The students also learned a lot about farming. Sabrina said, “We have to feed the animals.” Reed added, “You need to be careful near the animals.” Austin agreed, saying, “Farming is really hard work!”

photo (72)

Checking out a covered wagon!


On Friday, May 30th, Mrs.Harty’s 4th grade class went bird watching along Henwood Hill Road behind Allen Brothers in Westminster.  During the school year, each student researched a Vermont bird and created a presentation.  Now the students were excited to get a chance to see some of their birds in real life!  The first bird that many of the students saw was Sapphire’s bird, the majestic blue heron!  The red winged blackbird (Kayleigh’s bird) was a frequent sight, as were tree swallows and barn swallows.  A turkey vulture (Jack’s bird) kept circling high overhead, and a yellow warbler (Grace’s bird) was seen at the very end of the trip.  A cardinal (Jonathan’s bird) was heard and (perhaps) spotted by some careful eyes, and a few Canada geese were seen near a beaver or muskrat home.  A pair of wood ducks with several ducklings were also seen! Alma Beals joined the students on their bird watch, and she brought binoculars from the Mt. Ascutney Audubon Society so that each student could get a better view of the sights at the pond.  The Audubon Society had also bought each of the students a bird guide to carry along as they went birding…and to use in the future for what they hope will be a lifelong interest in bird watching!  Thank you to Alma and the Mt. Ascutney Audubon Society for fostering this interest in birds by CES students!


Plymouth Notch Trip!

Plymouth Notchby Gaven


On Thursday June 5th, fourth graders will be taking a field trip to Plymouth Notch (Calvin Coolidge homestead). The 30th president was one of the only two United States Presidents from Vermont. The drive to Plymouth Notch is one and a half hours. The two classes will be split up into four groups and will be visiting five places, Calvin Coolidge`s house until he was 4 years old, his house until he became president, The Cheese Factory, the general store, and the old school. The fourth graders will be leaving the school at 8:30 and will be arriving back at the school at 2:15.


Rockin’ Ron the Friendly Pirate Visits CES!

rsz_2014-05-15_132144by Shelby


On May 15th, CES students gathered in the gym to see a performance by a pirate called Rockin’ Ron the Friendly Pirate.  Rockin’ Ron talked about pirates, pretend pirates and real pirates too. He told CES kids some jokes and sang songs on his guitar. He has three (pretend) pets: a parrot, a cat, and a dog.  Also, he has a sister named Princess Pearl. Rockin’ Ron the Friendly Pirate put on a fantastic performance. CES students had lots of fun!


Jump Rope for Heart!

rsz_from_peters_camera_176by Maya


On May 13th, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders participated in an event called “Jump Rope for Heart.” This event takes place in schools around the country.  On one special day students gather to jump rope to raise money for the American Heart Association. The American Heart Association is a group that raises money for children and adults with heart problems.


When kids got to the gym for this fun filled event, they signed in and joined a team of five students. One student took a turn jumping rope while the other members of the team cheered them on. After they have been jumping for 1 minute (which felt like 20), Mr. Lawry said into his microphone, “ Next jumper!” And all the jumpers switched. Once all the jumpers had done their jumping several times, Mr. Lawry called the groups one at a time to get their snacks. Parents and PTO  members volunteered to bring in food for all the jumpers.  After everyone had eaten their snack, each grade did a jumping contest. For the 2nd grade contest, Sadie came in first, Riley came in 2nd, and Moriah came in 3rd. For the 3rd grade contest, Gaven came in 1st, Julianna came in 2nd, and Chloe came in 3rd. Lastly, for the 4th grade contest, Maya came in first, Madi came in 2nd, and Jack came in 3rd.  


A ton of money was raised for the American Heart Association! 4th grade raised $597.50, 3rd grade raised $392.50, and 2nd grade raised $321 dollars. In all, CES raised $1,311 dollars. Mr.Lawry says, “ I appreciate all the students and parents who came to the party and raised money for the American Heart Association.”  Mr.Lawry got all the prizes from the American Heart Association, or he got them in the mail from some of his friends who support Jump Rope for Heart.


Twenty-nine students came to Jump Rope for Heart:  seven 2nd graders, ten 3rd graders, and twelve 4th graders.  The event was LOTS of fun, and Mr. Lawry hopes that even more students will participate next year!!