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  • HAPPY at Central! HAPPY at Central!
  • HAPPY at Central! HAPPY at Central!
  • HAPPY at Central! HAPPY at Central!
  • HAPPY at Central! HAPPY at Central!
  • HAPPY at Central! HAPPY at Central!
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Intensive Needs Program Comes to CES!


Miss Marjie and Mr. Paul

by Alyssa

Miss Marjie Ottenbreit and Mr. Paul Kohler work at the Intensive Needs Program at Central Elementary School (CES) this year. The Intensive Needs program is for the kids in the region that have certain needs. There used to be several Intensive Needs programs at different schools in the district, but now there are only two intensive needs programs in the WNESU.  One program is located here at CES and has students in grades Kindergarten through 6th.  The other IN program is located at Bellows Falls Union High School (BFUHS) and is for students in grades 7-12.

Miss Marjie and Mr.Paul like it at CES.  Miss Marjie said, ”The teachers, students, and all the staff have been so helpful!”  Mr. Paul said, “The kids are smart and kind, and the staff is fantastic too!”  Miss Marjie and Mr. Paul also like to work in the Intensive Needs program. Miss Marjie said, “Every day brings new challenges and learning opportunities. Our students work very hard and we celebrate every step of the progress along the way.”  Mr. Paul said, “Every day is better than the last one!”

Before coming to Central School, Miss Marjie worked at Saxtons River Elementary School for 4 years. She also worked at Hartland Elementary for 12 years, and she was a special education teacher in Montana for 16 years. Miss Marjie earned her degree at Southern Connecticut State University. She did graduate work at Northern Montana College.

Mr. Paul has also worked at different schools. He attended Keene State College, and after graduating he worked at Fuller Elementary School in Keene for 6 years.  This school is where his daughter now attends fourth grade, and Mr. Paul also has a four year old son! For the last four years, Mr. Paul  worked at the Westminster Center School.

When asked what it was that sparked her interest in working in Intensive Needs, Miss Marjie said, “When I was a very young girl I had many babysitting jobs. Along the way I was asked to take care of a little girl with many disabilities. I can still see her beautiful blue eyes when I think of her. Although she could not speak or move around much, she let me know what she was feeling with her facial expressions and those blue eyes. I enjoyed caring for her very much! I’d say she was my inspiration for my career.”

Mr. Paul explained, “I love working with kids, all kids. I guess Intensive Needs is just a good match for my personality!”

Mr. Nemlich, the principal of CES, said, “I think we are very lucky that we have the program here because we have students that need the program. I think we are because it’s given us some excellent new staff members. I am pleased with how quickly the program has become part of our school.”

Hike for Hunger Reminder!

by Colby

On October 23rd, each class of CES will be going on a walk to Our Place to drop off the food CES has collected for Our Place. Our Place is a place for people who don’t have very many things.  Some people go there to get food for their families, and others go there to have meals because they can’t afford food.  Make sure to bring food for people to fill our collection bins!!


Gassetts Grange Donates Dictionaries!

rsz_photo_6by Jaiden

Members of the Gassets Grange visited the third grade on October 7th to give the students dictionaries to help them with their learning. The third graders will use the dictionaries to look up words and spell the words. Gassetts Grange members raised money to buy the dictionaries.

The third graders and their teachers are grateful for the gift from the Gassetts Grange.  Emma S. said the dictionaries are very amazing. Caleb likes the measurements page!  Mrs. Green said, “I am happy about the dictionaries, and they are a great tool.  We used the dictionaries during math yesterday!”  Mrs. Bisbee added, “They are a good resource for math and science. The dictionaries have lots and lots of information in math and science for the third graders.”

Thank you to the members of the Gassetts Grange for this thoughtful and kind donation!

Happy at Central Video!

by Grace

On September 29th, CES students viewed the “Happy at Central” video during Monday Morning Meeting in the CES gym to start their week off on a Happy note! The footage was filmed on Thursday, September 25th, by Alan Fowler and Marty Gallagher, and FACT-TV edited the footage to make our “Happy at Central” video.  Here is the link to the video:  Happy at Central.

CES Fall Clean Up on Saturday!!

rsz_img_20141009_122522_419_1by Peter and Colby

CES families are invited to join CES staff members in a Fall Clean Up at Central School on Saturday, October 18th.  Principal Nemlich reports that there will be multiple jobs for people to do. One job is working on the garden to pull the dead plants, weeds and other things.  Another job will be power washing the bricks of the school.  Other jobs include buffing the CES school sign, repainting the the rails in the front of the school building, and weeding the front playground.  The Fall Clean Up will take place from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon.  Everyone is invited to come and help make our school even more beautiful!

Third Grade Visits Rockingham Town Offices

Town Manager Chip Stearns meets with CES 3rd graders.

Town Manager Chip Stearns meets with CES 3rd graders.

by Nathaniel

CES third graders are learning about our local government in Vermont.  As part of this study, the third graders walked to the Rockingham town office on October 10th. The students got to see all parts of the town hall, which is the same building where the Bellows Falls Opera House is.  It is also the building in the center of Bellows Falls with the clock tower.

Riley said, “It was a lot of fun to come to the town office and learn about our government.” Jaxon said, “The old kitchen was cool!”  Sadie said, “I like the boiler room because it had a good feeling of warmth!”  Emma said, “We got to see all the offices, that was fun.”

Mark said “The building was 70 feet tall, but it felt like it was a lot higher!”  Hannah said, “We got to meet all of the workers there, and it was fun.”  Cristo said, “My favorite part of the trip was the finance room because it had lots of money in it!”  AceLynn said, “The old kitchen was some fun. We saw lots of stuff like cool pots, pans, ovens and dishes!”

The third graders had a great time at the town hall!!



Welcome, Mrs. Verespy!

rsz_2014-10-10_122205by Grace

There’s a new face in first grade at Central School!  It’s the new first grade teacher, Mrs. Judy Verespy! Mrs.Verespy grew up in West Springfield, Massachusetts, where she had a “delightful childhood.”  She has one brother and one sister, and Mrs.Verespy’s parents were both teachers. They had lots of fun as a family on weekends, holidays, and school vacation.

Now Mrs.Verespy lives in Chester with her husband, three kids, two cats, and one dog. Her husband is a firefighter, and he owns a restaurant in Ludlow called The Killarney.

Mrs.Verespy was 16 when she got her first job as a waitress.  The other jobs Mrs.Verespy has had are with Marriott food service in Dallas,Texas, and she worked as a preschool teacher.  Mrs.Verespy went to college at the University of Massachusetts and the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut.

 Mrs.Verespy wanted to be a teacher at Central because she really likes the people here, and it seemed like a great school.  She interviewed for the position over the summer, and so far Mrs. Verespy “loves Central School.”

When Mrs.Verespy isn’t teaching, she walks with her dog, swims, reads, and watches her kids play sports.  Welcome, Mrs. Verespy!!


CES Sunflower Seed Estimation

rsz_2014-10-06_125924by Colby

Do you have any idea how many seeds are in this sunflower?  CES students and staff are estimating how many seeds there might be. One student guessed 247 seeds, while another guessed 1,384.  Mrs. Harty and Mrs. Kane will determine who has the closest estimation.

Scholastic Book Fair Coming to CES!

dsc07097by Peter

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to Central School!  On Tuesday, October 21st, the Book Fair will open in the CES library at 8:00 AM!  During the day on Tuesday and Wednesday, every class will visit the library.  Students will have a chance to look over the books, make out a wish list, and even buy some if they have money.  Then on Wednesday night, at the CES Open House from 6:00 to 7:00 PM, the Book Fair will be set up in the gym, and kids can go with their families to look at and buy books.  Funds raised from the book fair will be used to purchase books and technology for the school.

The Book Fair will remain at CES until Friday, October 24th, but there is also a way to shop the Book Fair online.  Just go to http://bookfairs.scholastic.com/homepage/rockinghamcentrales.  The online Book Fair is open from October 16th until November 5th, and all orders will be shipped to the school and delivered to you free of charge.  The online Book Fair has an expanded selection for all ages, preschool to adult!


Hike for Hunger

by Alyssa

rsz_2014-10-10_122603On October 23rd,  CES students and teachers will be walking to Our Place for the annual “Hike for Hunger.”  From October 6th through October 22nd, students will be gathering food in red bins in the halls. If you have food items at your home that you could donate, please bring them to Central School so that our bins can be filled!  Nurse Anita says,  “Central School does the Hike for Hunger because we want to be kind and give food to Our Place so they can provide food for the people in our community who need it most.”