• Rollerskating Fun! Rollerskating Fun!
  • 4th Grade Rollerskaters! 4th Grade Rollerskaters!
  • CES Spring Concert! CES Spring Concert!
  • CES Spring Concert! CES Spring Concert!
  • Garden Preparations! Garden Preparations!
  • Garden Preparations! Garden Preparations!
  • Starting to Grow! Starting to Grow!


Natalie Kinsey-Warnock to Visit CES!

Natalie-Kinsey-Warnock-325x325by Caleb

Vermont author Natalie Kinsey-Warnock will be visiting CES on Monday, April 21st!  Natalie is the award-winning author of many books for children, both picture books like The Bear That Heard Crying and chapter books like As Long As There Are Mountains.  On her website, Natalie writes, “Every family has stories that are too good to be forgotten, stories that need to be written down and told and passed on to the next generations.”  We look forward to learning from Natalie how to find and write the stories in our own lives!

Second Graders Receive Spanish Lessons!


Learning Spanish via videoconference!

by Deirdre

For six Tuesdays in March and April, the second grade classes worked on learning Spanish, thanks to a videoconference connection with Julie Torres’ Spanish class at the Bellows Falls Union High School. The second graders gathered in Mrs.O’s classroom each Tuesday after lunch, and they could see the high school students on a large flat screen TV by using a Learning Network of Vermont (LNV) connection. The high school students taught the second graders the Spanish words for colors, numbers, and body parts.

"Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes!"

“Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes!”

Sage said her favorite part about learning Spanish was learning the names of the colors. Alexis and Jaxon liked learning “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.” Riley’s favorite part was learning numbers.

Mrs. O and Mrs. Hearne have their second graders learn some Spanish each year as part of their study of the country of Mexico.  Mrs. Hearne added, “Spanish is the second most common language in the world, so it is a good language for our students to begin learning!”


BFUHS & CES students playing games in Spanish!

Twister in Spanish!!

Twister in Spanish!!



Getting to Know Nurse Anita!

rsz_2014-02-10_112522by Josiah, Caleb, Isabel, Isabella, Deirdre, Maddie R, and Madison Q

Mrs. Kane’s SKILLS group interviewed CES nurse Anita Carlson-Allen to learn more about her.  The questions we asked were in three main areas: childhood and family, career, and CES.  

Childhood and Family

Nurse Anita has two brothers and two sisters, and one brother and one sister are twins! There were 7 people in her immediate family. Growing up, Nurse Anita lived in West Chester, Pennsylvania, where she attended elementary, junior high, and high school. When she was little, Nurse Anita loved to climb trees, sometimes even making her mom and dad upset because they couldn’t find her.  She had a good climbing tree in her backyard, and there were more in the woods across the street.  Her family had lots of pets when she was growing up: a beagle which was cute but noisy, bunnies, ducks, and many reptiles–including snakes and lizards– which her brother loved.

Nurse Anita’s family took two regular trips when she was young. They would travel to New York State to visit one of her grandmothers, and Nurse Anita remembers getting root beer floats with her!  The other trip was longer and took an overnight stay at a campground to get there.  They would travel to Kentucky to visit her other set of grandparents, and her time there was like being back in Little House on the Prairie!  There was no running water or electricity, and they would each take a bath on Saturday night to prepare for Sunday church.  Nurse Anita was second youngest, so she got the second to last bath….still using the same bathwater in the same round metal tub as all her older relatives!  

Isabel asked Nurse Anita if she had ever played nurse when she was little. When she was in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade, Nurse Anita was a Candy Striper in a small hospital.  She wore a red and white striped apron and helped nurses and patients by running errands or assisting them.  As a child, she also read the Cherry Ames series, books about a young nurse.

Anita attended college at the University of Pennsylvania on a full scholarship.  She began working after she graduated and has worked ever since, with only a short break each time she had a child.

Speaking of children, Nurse Anita has four children and three stepchildren as well as one son-in-law and one daughter-in-law.  Two of her children are married and each has two children, so Anita has four grandchildren!  Two of them live in Seattle, Washington, and she is visiting them over April vacation: a grandson in second grade and a granddaughter who is 5 years old.  Her other grandchildren live closer, in Chittenden, Vermont, and they are a granddaughter in third grade and a grandson in first grade.

When she is not nursing, Anita likes to be outside gardening or kayaking, and she also loves baking and travelling.  She admires teachers and all her children.  None of her relatives are nurses, but her husband is a doctor.  In the summer, they stay at their home in Eastham, Massachusetts, on the bay side of Cape Cod.  Her grandson from Seattle always visits for a few weeks, and they love to walk on the beach, picking up shells, stones, or sea glass, as well as watching the birds and seals!  


Nurse Anita has wanted to be a nurse ever since she was a Candy Striper because she likes to help people and it feels good to be helpful.  After graduating from the University of PA in 1969, Anita has taken many continuing education classes, and she earned her Masters degree in Psychology from Springfield College.  It took her three years, going to school all year round, to become a nurse in the first place, and some of the classes she took were Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Psychology, Sociology, and general classes about how to be a nurse, including training in how to give shots and medications, using needles to take blood, and how to make a bed with someone in it!  In June, Anita will have been a nurse for 45 years!!

Before coming to Central School, Anita was a nurse in many other places.  She has worked in lots of hospitals, with children, in intensive needs, in doctors’ offices, doing home visits and home care, doing hospice nursing, and she has even been a nurse in other countries.  She set up health care clinics in the Dominican Republic, and from 1975 to 1979 she lived in Iran and did private duty nursing and set up clinics.  Anita would recommend a nursing career to anyone, and her favorite type of nursing is working with children and families….which she does at CES!

Central School

Anita has been the nurse at Central School for ten years.  She began working here two days each week while she was still working part-time at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.  She feels very privileged to work with the students, their moms and dads, sisters and brothers, and the teachers here at CES.  

Each day Nurse Anita sees between 25 and 35 children.  When she arrives in the morning, she has to open everything up, give morning meds, and speak with any parents who need to check in with her.  Throughout the day she will see students who need a bandaid, or an ice pack, or sometimes just a break.  To keep students healthy, Anita encourages students to wash their hands, dress appropriately, get enough sleep, eat healthily, and exercise.  She also coordinates vision and hearing checks, the healthy snack program, and the dental care visits.  The worst incident Nurse Anita has had to deal with at CES was when a student had a badly broken bone, and she couldn’t locate his mom or dad! Everything turned out okay, though!  

Most of all, Nurse Anita wants the children of CES to think of her office as a safe place to visit to get what they need to be healthy and happy learners!  We are all so glad that Nurse Anita is here at CES!


VSO Visits CES




Mesmerized by the show!

by Josiah

Drumshtick, a trio of Vermont Symphony Orchestra percussion players, visited CES on Friday, April 11th. Percussion is music that you make by hitting, shaking, or scraping instruments.  Some of the materials that are used in percussion music are metal, skin, and wood.  Drumshtick is made up of percussionists Brian Johnson, Nic Cannizzaro, and Rosina Cannizzaro.  They played a number of songs from different places in the world, including Africa, the Middle East, and South America, and they tried to make us laugh at the same time.  On this day, Nic and Rosina’s daughters Nora, Scarlett, and Amelia were traveling with Drumshtick. Nora and Scarlett are students at Founders Memorial School in Essex Junction, but their school was closed today for parent-teacher conferences.  Both Nora, age 10, and Scarlett, age 6, are musicians already.  Nora plays the clarinet and piano, and Scarlett plays the violin and piano!  Amelia will get to begin piano lessons next year when she turns five! The VSO Drumshtick presentation was a lot of fun!


Swimming with Second Graders!

rsz_2005-01-01_130444by Isabel

CES second graders went swimming at the Edgar May Recreation Center each Thursday in March.  Students could have swimming lessons, learn to dive, and have fun in the water.  The students had a great time!  Sadie said, ”It was fun to go underwater!”  Sage said, ”I liked it because I got to hang out with my friends.”  Last but not least, Moriah was thrilled because she passed her swimming test. She had to swim to the bottom of the deep water to pass, and she did!  “Swimming is fun and good exercise,” Moriah said.

Nurse Anita was involved in getting funding for the swimming program.  She said, “This experience provides an opportunity for our students to learn basic swimming skills and water safety. Also it’s a fun and healthy exercise and a chance to learn new things.” Mrs.O agreed, saying, ”Swimming is a life skill.  Everyone should know how to swim!” Mrs.Hearne added, “Especially in Vermont, where we have so many lakes and rivers.” Second graders had a lot of fun swimming!

Red Clover and DCF Voting


“I read all 30 DCF books!!”


by Caleb

During the week of March 31st and April 7th, CES students voted for Red Clover and DCF books in Library class. All year students in grades K-4 have been reading the 10 Red Clover books for 2013-14. This week students have been reviewing the books by playing a game called Jeopardy. Then they voted for their favorite. 4th Graders are also voting for DCF books. They have to read 5 of the DCF books in order to vote. Some 4th graders have even read all thirty of the books!!  The Red Clover and DCF books have been very popular with CES students, and choosing one favorite has been very difficult!


Dental Presentations!

by Josiahrsz_2014-04-03_124251

Dr. Emily Samuels, DDS, came to CES on April 3rd to talk with students about how to take care of their teeth. Dr. Samuels named all the teeth, and she gave a visual check of teeth.  Using a huge model of teeth, she showed where and how to brush. Students learned about plaque, cavities, and fillings. At the end of each classroom session, Dr. Samuels gave each student a bag containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss. Students reported that it was interesting to learn about tooth care.

CES Garden Sprouts!

by Maddie R.

2014-03-27_090836 (2)

Kindergarteners prepare the soil.

Deb Witkus, Community Outreach Coordinator for Greater Falls Connections, visited Central School on March 26 and 27 to begin this year’s school garden. She took small groups of children from each grade to plant seeds. So far students have planted strawberry flowers, spinach, and rattlesnake pole beans. Deb thinks it’s important to have a school garden because there are many learning opportunities with planting a garden and she likes to see kids have fun. Deb loves to listen to kids and what they think about gardening. When spring and summer come, hopefully CES will have a gorgeous school garden!

CES Students Rock the House at Spring Concert!

by Madison Q.


3rd & 4th graders perform!

The Bellows Falls Union High School auditorium rang with the sounds of beautiful music Wednesday evening, March 26th! CES students sang their hearts out for their family and friends.  The kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders sang Magic Penny, I Am A Pizza, The World is a Rainbow, and I Can Name the Colors in the Rainbow. Fourth graders performed two skits. One of them was The Lion and the Mouse, and the other was The Frog and the Ox.  Then third and fourth graders sang Brotherhood, Sisterhood, One Song, What Can One Little Person Do, and Grandma’s Featherbed.  The walls of the BFUHS auditorium were decorated with CES student artwork created in art classes with Mrs. Cohun.


Watching the older students perform!

Mr. Nemlich said, “This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to shine!” Mrs. Durand agreed, saying, “The weather outside may still be chilly, but Mrs. Daigneault, Mrs. Cohun, and all of the children of CES warmed our hearts tonight!” Isabel said, “The concert was awesome!” Deirdre added, “I loved the skits that everybody did, and I thought that everyone had a great time!”

The concert was a blast, and CES looks forward to singing together again soon!

Rollerskating Fun!!

rsz_2014-03-21_182133By Isabella

On Friday March 21, 2014, CES students had fun rollerskating in the gym. The roller skating was sponsored by the PTO.  Students brought their sisters, brothers, cousins, and parents to the rollerskating event. There was food, too, like pizza and yogurt and other healthy food. One student said, “I kept falling, but I still had fun!”  All of the students had fun rollerskating with family and friends!