• We are Thankful for Books! We are Thankful for Books!
  • We are Thankful for Books! We are Thankful for Books!
  • We are Thankful for Books! We are Thankful for Books!
  • We are Thankful for Books! We are Thankful for Books!
  • We are Thankful for Books! We are Thankful for Books!
  • We are Thankful for Books! We are Thankful for Books!
  • We are Thankful for Books! We are Thankful for Books!
  • We are Thankful for Books! We are Thankful for Books!
  • We are Thankful for Books! We are Thankful for Books!
  • We are Thankful for Books! We are Thankful for Books!
  • We are Thankful for Books! We are Thankful for Books!
  • We are Thankful for Books! We are Thankful for Books!
  • We are Thankful for Books! We are Thankful for Books!

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Marty Kelley is Coming to Central!!

Marty Kelleyby Orion and Mariah

Marty Kelley is returning to Central School!!  This author, illustrator, and recovering second grade teacher visited Central School in the spring of 2011.  He is coming back to Central School as part of our CLiF Year of the Book Family Event to be held December 9th, at 5:00 PM. Marty Kelley will present a parent storytelling seminar at Bellows Falls Union High School to promote family reading!

At  Bellows Falls Union High school there will be a pizza dinner, followed by storytelling for the whole family.  At that time, Marty Kelley will take parents aside to talk with them about reading to and with their children, and then parents will be able to choose two free books for each of their children.  While this is happening, the children will be watching a movie in the auditorium.

rsz_capeEarlier in the day at Central School, the students will get a preview with Marty Kelley in the afternoon.  He will read briefly with the kindergarten classes, and then he will present to the 1st and 2nd grades, followed by a session with the 3rd and 4th grades.

For the evening event, if families do not have transportation to the high school, there will be a bus available to pick them up at Central School at 4:30 to take them to the high school. That same bus will return them to Central School at 7:00 PM.

Mrs. Kane, CES librarian, said, “We are thrilled to have Marty Kelley returning to CES!  He is a super-fun presenter, and I know that everyone will have a great time at this event!  I hope that all of our Central School families can attend on December 9th!”

We Are Thankful for Books!


The horses and the turkey!


Demonstrating an elbow greeting!







by Hannah and Caleb

On November 23rd, the first graders presented a skit of the book Turkey Trouble at Monday Morning Meeting followed by a song called “We Are Thankful for Books!”  This presentation was the kick-off for our third CLiF book giveaway!  Each student in the whole school got to choose one brand new book to keep!  Even though it was an early-release day, it was a full day of book-related happenings!

  • Happy Reading! Happy Reading!
  • Happy Reading! Happy Reading!
  • Happy Reading! Happy Reading!
  • Happy Reading! Happy Reading!
  • Happy Reading! Happy Reading!

Thanksgiving Week Schedule

by Caleb and Hannah

On November 23rd, there will be an early release, and all the students will be leaving school at 11:30.  The students will have the whole rest of the week off!!!

In the afternoon and evening of November 23rd there will be parent/teacher conferences. Conferences will also take place all day on Tuesday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Central School families!

Thanksgiving Celebrations!

rsz_2015-11-19_182141First Grade Thanksgiving Dinner

by Riley

On Thursday, November 19th, the CES first graders hosted a dinner to celebrate Thanksgiving.  This event happened in the CES gym at 5:30 PM. Each family that came brought their own silverware and a food dish to share.  The first graders performed a skit and sang a song.  Then they ate turkey, mashed potato, and a variety of pie. The Thanksgiving dinner occurs every year because of former first grade teacher, Miss Cloues, who started the tradition many years ago. It was a fun evening for first graders and their families!


Mixing up muffins!


Peeling potatoes!


Peeling carrots!

Shaking cream into butter!

Shaking cream into butter!

Second Grade Thanksgiving Preparations and Feast

by Moriah and Orion

Second graders prepared and enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast this past week.  Each class peeled potatoes and carrots, made muffins or bread, and made butter in preparation for their special meal.  Then on November 20th at 12 PM, the second graders enjoyed their special feast! In Mrs. Verespy’s room, her husband was even cooking and serving the food!  There was turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and hummus in addition to the items which the students had prepared. Happy Thanksgiving to all from 2nd grade!

Enjoying the Feast!

Enjoying the Feast!

John Steven Gurney Visits CES!

rsz_2015-11-19_093940by Riley

On Thursday, November 19th, John Steven Gurney came to CES to celebrate books! John Steven Gurney is a Brattleboro author and illustrator. The Central School library and the Rockingham Free Public Library were each given $1000 worth of books from the Children’s Literacy Foundation (CLiF) as part of the Year of the Book grant.  Mrs.Kane presented the books she had chosen for the school library, and the RFPL books were also on display.  rsz_2015-11-19_101421John Steven Gurney talked to Central School students about his work in illustration and how he works with the editor of books to make the illustrations that are just right for the book.  John also showed his process of creating his book Dinosaur Train, a story about his son Jesse who loved dinosaurs and trains! John also created some fun drawings, including one that looked like an old man one way, and like a crying baby the other way!


New Central School library books, thanks to CLiF!!

Scuff Buster Crew Hard at Work!

rsz_img_20151119_134454872One of the new jobs at Central School is Scuff Buster.  This week three kindergarten students have been hired as members of the Scuff Buster Crew.  Outfitted in their new uniforms, the crew has taken to the halls to attack the scuff marks that appear daily in our school.  Using their scuff busting equipment, the crew makes our halls clean and shiny and scuff-free!  Thank you, Scuff Busters!rsz_img_20151119_134505566

Kindergarten MMM

rsz_2015-11-16_090731by Isaiah

Kindergarten students presented two songs about the seasons at Monday Morning Meeting on November 16th in the CES gym.  They did this to show everyone in the school what they have been learning about and show that they have been doing good and how much they have learned. This is what happened on Monday Morning Meeting at 8:00 am on November 16th in the CES gym.

rsz_2015-11-16_091300 rsz_2015-11-16_090939 rsz_2015-11-16_090827

Open House and Book Fair!


Artwork related to The One and Only Ivan

by Riley and Breana

On Thursday evening, November 5th, CES students proudly showed their families around their classrooms and school during the fall Open House. The students were excited to share their work. Hadley said, “My favorite part was showing my mom my A-Z Native Americans slides on the Chromebook.” Avery said, ”I liked showing my mom the calendar and other things.” Duke said, ”I liked showing my mom KinderRoo.”


Browsing the Book Fair!

The Scholastic Book Fair was also open during Open House, and the gym was filled with families looking at books. Nevaeh said, ”I liked the Book Fair because I like looking at books.” Emily and Saul each said, “I liked buying books.” Mason said, “I liked looking at Lego books.”

Central School students and families had lots of fun at the Open House and Book Fair!

The One and Only Ivan, continued

rsz_2015-11-02_090959Ivan Trivia, Staff Style

by Isaiah

During Monday Morning Meeting on November 2nd, some of the Central School staff played a game called Ivan Trivia, Staff Style!  Orion and Hannah were the hosts of the game show, and Mr. Lawry, Mr. Ken, Mrs, Massucco, Mr. Sully, and Mrs. Steuwe were the contestants.  Each contestant had to answer three trivia questions about The One and Only Ivan, and they each had one “Ask the Audience” lifeline.  Mr. Lawry brought ties for all the contestants because he said, “When you look your best, you do your best.”   Some of the questions were easy, and some were hard!  If a contestant got a question wrong, he or she had to sit down.  Mr. Sully had to sit down first!  Mrs. Steuwe stayed standing until the end!!  She was the winner!  For playing, each contestant received one or more bananas. Mrs. Steuwe won a whole bunch of bananas!!  The final question was, “What animals does Ivan see on his nature show?”  Mrs. Steuwe had to use her “Ask the Audience” lifeline, and Jacob S helped her out by telling her that it was a manatee and a polar bear. Maybe Mrs. Steuwe shared her bananas with Jacob!

Mr. Lawry said that it was a lot of fun to play Ivan Trivia, Staff Style, but he wished that he remembered how much Stella weighed (because that was the question he got wrong)! Mr. Sully loved playing the game, and he said that it was a great experience.  Mrs. Massucco really enjoyed everything related to The One and Only Ivan, which she said was a great book!

rsz_img_20151103_140846222_hdrSkype with Jodi Carrigan

by Moriah and Hannah

Asking Jodi a question.

Asking Jodi a question.

On November 3rd, Central School celebrated the completion of their all-school reading of The One and Only Ivan by Skyping with Jodi Carrigan of Zoo Atlanta!  Jodi Carrigan was the caretaker for Ivan during his last ten years at Zoo Atlanta.  Jodi showed pictures of Ivan and one of his paintings, and she answered 21 questions from the students!  Some of the questions were about Ivan, some of them were about Jodi, and some of them were about gorillas in general.  Jodi also told the students that she had named her daughter after Ivan. Ivan’s name was Ivan Lee, and Jodi named her daughter Alex Lee!  Mr. Nemlich said, “I was nervous about the technology involved in having Jodi Carrigan visit our school, but everything worked the way we wanted it to and the Skype session was fabulous.”

Mrs. Kane explained, “Our school read the book The One and Only Ivan as part of our Year of the Book.  We used a program called One School One Book, which was created by an organization called Read to Them.  Our Parent Teacher Organization provided the funds for the program so that every student and staff member could receive a copy of the book, and we asked families to read it all together.  Each day we had a trivia question about the section that had been read the night before, and a committee came up with other events related to the book.  There was an excitement and an energy in the building as we read the book., and we reached out to Zoo Atlanta to see if we could Skype with Jodi Carrigan as a culminating event for our school community.  I thought the all school reading was a great experience on every level, and I hope that we will do this again next year!”

rsz_2015-10-26_082457Save the Gorillas Fundraiser

During the last two weeks of October, students at Central School held a coin drive to raise money to help save the gorillas.  Students had done some research about how few gorillas are left in the world, and they learned that they could help the gorillas by raising money for Zoo Atlanta and the Dian Fossey International Fund.  On October 19th, Emma K and Aubrey M led Monday Morning Meeting by presenting a slideshow about gorillas and how we could help to protect them.  Then Mrs. Sellarole’s Skills Group coordinated the fund drive by placing collection containers in each classroom and counting the money each day.  On October 26th, Hiya, Sarah, and Mrs. Sellarole gave a fundraising update at Monday Morning Meeting.  At that point, we had raised $185, and we had $315 to go to reach our goal of $500.  By the end of October, however, we had reached our goal…and PASSED it!!  Overall, Central School raised $635.03 for the Save the Gorillas campaign!  Zoo Atlanta expressed their gratitude to Central School for our fundraising, saying, “Thank you so much for raising money for the gorillas!  This is very generous of you and your students, and we greatly appreciate you selecting Zoo Atlanta as the recipient.”

Central School Honors Our Veterans

rsz_2015-11-09_090944by Caleb

On Monday, November 9th, the fourth graders led the school in celebrating Veterans’ Day. Students and staff gathered in the gym to honor the veterans of American wars.  Fourth graders invited a family member who is a veteran or, if they have passed away, they brought in a picture of them.  The fourth grade also led the school in singing the national anthem, and they gave a speech about Veterans’ Day.

rsz_2015-11-09_092648Fourth grade also made poppies for the veterans and for everyone in the school.  Each poppy was made out of a green straw, a mini cupcake paper, stapler, and a sharpie.  At the end of the Veterans’ Day ceremony, students walked silently out of the gym as “Taps” was being played, and the fourth graders were out in the hall giving a poppy to each student.

rsz_2015-11-09_091816Our custodian, Arthur Sullivan (Mr. Sully), was honored as well.  Mr. Sully was a member of the United States Marine Corps from 1975 to 1978. When he was 18 years old, he was on a helicopter that flew into Vietnam and Cambodia to rescue prisoners of war.  Mr. Sully said that he was very scared during this mission.  Central School students are very grateful for Mr. Sully’s service, as well as the service of all United States veterans.

rsz_2015-11-09_091544Mrs. Harlow said she was very proud of the fourth graders for leading the Veterans’ Day ceremony.  Mrs. Durand agreed, adding, “The fourth graders helped all the children recognize how important it is to honor our veterans.”  Mr. Nemlich thought the event was well-organized, and he especially liked how the students and staff left the gym in silence at the end.