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  • Field Trip Fun! Field Trip Fun!

Website articles are written by Central School Fourth Graders. Previous articles can be accessed from the older post link on the bottom left.

Central School Remembers Soldiers on Memorial Day

rsz_2015-05-13_085736by Jakobie and Gavin

On Wednesday, May 13th, eleven of the 4th graders walked to Oak Hill Cemetery to put flags on all of the gravesites of war veterans.  They placed the flags in honor of Memorial Day which is Monday, May 25th. Memorial Day is the day when Americans remember the soldiers who died in battle when fighting for our country. The students found the medallions next to each gravestone and inserted an American flag in the flag holder.  The students went with Mrs. Steuwe, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Stanley Rumrill from the American Legion. They placed 306 flags, and they only missed one gravestone–but Mr. Rumrill found it!  There is only one gravestone at Oak Hill Cemetery that has a medallion from the Spanish American War, and the students had a contest to see who could find it.  Jakobie and Aaliyah were the students who found it! The trip to the cemetery was an important way for Central School to honor servicemen and women who have died.

CES Jumps Rope for the American Heart Association!

rsz_100_3745by Kodien

CES second, third, and fourth graders gathered in the CES gym to participate in the Jump Rope for Heart on Thursday, May 7th to help raise money for the American Heart Association and to keep their own hearts healthy.  The event raised $1,511 for the American Heart Association.  Skyler was the top fundraiser, raising $235.00!  There was a long jumping contest with the 4th graders!  They jumped so long, and finally they ended the contest.

The winners in 2nd grade were (1st Place) Emma K, (2nd Place) Dylan S, and (3rd Place) Emma M.  The winners in 3rd grade were (1st place) Moriah H, (2nd Place) Hannah T, and (3rd Place) Stephanie H.  The winners in 4th grade were (1st Place) Julianna M, (2nd Place) Ella C, and (3rd Place) Alyssa P.

Alyssa said, “I participated because I wanted to push my limits.”   Mr. Lawry  said, “I enjoyed Jump Rope for Heart! It was fun!”  Lots of kids had fun at Jump Rope for Heart!

New Kitchen Garden at CES!

Mrs. Harty's class helps to move soil into the raised beds.

Mrs. Harty’s class helps to move soil into the raised beds.

by Layla
CES has new raised flower beds!  They received the two raised flower beds from the Immanuel Episcopal Church here in Bellows Falls.  They had been used in a part of their cemetery but needed to be relocated. They offered the beds and we accepted two out of three available beds!  They even gave us the soil that was in them!  These are the people who helped move the beds:  Chris Allen (Nurse Anita’s husband), Mr. and Mrs. Sellarole, and Mr. and Mrs. Harty.  They did it on a Saturday morning, and they had fun doing it!  They got one of the beds with the idea that it would be planted with herbs for the cooks to use in the kitchen.  Things like basil, parsley, chives, thyme, and oregano will go there. They didn’t plan on the second bed, but they think it will be a good place to plant lettuce.  That way, both beds are accessible to the kitchen.  The beds were brought here the first weekend of May.  Central School really didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to have at least one new raised bed, especially because it was free, and the placement of the new beds is great because they are close to the kitchen and also they are in a place that will not get too hot.  The best thing is that the beds came with beautiful soil too!  An interesting thing is that as they dug down to remove the soil, they discovered that there was a layer of ice near the bottom!  The new raised beds will find a great home at CES!

3rd Graders Examine Historical Photos

rsz_2015-05-11_131813by Gavin
The Billings Farm Outreach Program visited CES on Monday, May 11th, to present a program about Historical Photographs for the third graders. The students viewed old photographs and tried to determine when they were taken and what was happening. rsz_2015-05-11_133802Then the students worked in small groups to examine other historical pictures.  This project was part of the 3th grade study of local communities.  3rd graders will be traveling to Billing Farm on June 8th for a visit to a historical farm.

CES 4th Graders Visit BFMS!


Walking in the Middle School doors!

by Layla

The fourth graders from CES walked to the Bellows Falls Middle school for a tour in preparation for their next year at BFMS.  The fourth graders saw 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders in all the classes!  The classes are Art, Music, Physical Education, Social Studies, Language Arts, Math and Science.  The fourth graders even asked some questions.  “When is MINECRAFT club?” someone asked.  Many students were excited that there really was a MINECRAFT club!

Visiting the Art Room!

Visiting the Art Room!

Here are some quotes from some of the 4th graders that visited B.F.M.S.

Emma said, “I liked it! I liked that I got to see all the classes I’m going to be in.”

Sarah added, “I enjoyed seeing all the lockers and all the classes there are.”

Visiting the Band Room!

Visiting the Band Room!

Aaliyah said,“I enjoyed seeing all the rooms and seeing people I know, and I thought all the teachers were nice.”

Kristyona said, “I liked it because it was big, and if I didn’t go I think I would be lost next year!”

The fourth graders loved their tour, and they can’t wait to BFMS go next fall!


DCF Winners!

DCF Readers!

DCF Readers!

by Skyler

Chris Grabenstein, author of Escape from Mr.Lemoncello’s Library, is the author of the winning DCF book for 2015!  Vermont students in 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades liked his book the best so he got the most votes.  In the book a few lucky (or so-called lucky) kids get locked in a library, and they have to solve rhymes and puzzles in order to escape.

There will be a ceremony to celebrate Chris Grabenstein on Saturday, June 13 at Montpelier High School in Montpelier, VT from 10:00 A.M – 1:00 P.M.  All DCF readers are invited to attend, but please let Mrs. Kane know if your family will be going so that she can RSVP for you.  If you have questions, contact Mrs. Kane at kate.kane@wnesu.com.

This DCF celebration normally takes place on a weekday, and Mrs. Kane normally takes a group of four students to the celebration.  Since the weekday celebration is not happening this year, Mrs. Kane has invited students who read five DCF books by April 1st to write a letter explaining why they like reading so much. Eight students will be chosen to attend a pizza lunch, walk to the Village Square Booksellers to pick out a book, and go to the Dari Joy for an ice cream cone.  Mrs. Durand and Mr. Nemlich will read the letters and select the winners!  Letters are due to Mrs. Kane by Monday, May 18th.


May Walk-to-School Results!

rsz_2015-05-06_074222by Jakobie

Wednesday, May 6th, was the first Wednesday of May, so that meant Walk-to-School Day!  Central School students walked to school from the Recreation Center.  They gathered at 7:25 and began walking at 7:35.  Every student who walked received sunglasses! There were 9 fourth graders walking, 8 third graders, 13 second graders, 11 first graders, and 16 kindergarteners!  The kindergarteners had the most walkers, so they won the Golden Shoe Award!!

There will be one more Walk-to-School Day this year.  It will be on Wednesday, June 3rd, from Hetty Green Park.  Mr. Lawry is very happy to see so many students walking for health and exercise!!  “It is a fun way to start the day,” he said, “and it involves exercise and being with your friends.”


Second Grade Hosts Mother’s Day Tea!


Mrs. O’s Class Tea!

by Kodien

CES second graders had a Mother’s Day tea party on Tuesday, May 5th from 1:00 to 1:45 to show appreciation for their mothers.  In preparation for the tea, the second graders wrote poems for their mothers.  They  wrapped their poems and decorated the room. When their moms arrived, they introduced them and served them food.  The food included cheese and crackers, brownies, lemon tarts, pretzels, and ice tea.  After everyone ate, the second graders read a little play to their moms.

Mrs. Hearne's Class Tea

Mrs. Hearne’s Class Tea

The second graders loved having their moms come. Aubrey said, “I loved serving my mom and pretending to be a waitress.”  Maddie and Rick liked to give their moms flowers, and Hadley liked doing the play called Mom Sense.  Robert said, “My favorite part was eating the chocolate chip muffins!”  Evan said, “I liked it! It was the best!”

Performing "Mom Sense!"

Performing “Mom Sense!”

Everyone had fun at the Mother’s Day Tea!


Rockingham Preschoolers Getting Ready for Kindergarten!


Future CES Kindergarteners!

by Gavin

Rockingham preschoolers are getting ready for Kindergarten!  They are visiting CES on Tuesday and Thursdays for lunch, and they will come for kindergarten visits on Friday, May 8th.

Mrs. Pickering said, “The preschoolers also come to our classrooms to play with our toys when our classes are at specials or on a field trip, and they will come for a Teddy Bear Tea.”

Eating lunch at CES!

Eating lunch at CES!

Mrs. Rawling said, “We’re excited that the new students are coming, but we will be sad to say good-bye to our current students who will be moving on to first grade.”

Mrs. Pickering said, “We’re excited to meet the brothers and sisters of students who are already here, and we love to teach new kids.”  After all these visits, the preschoolers will be ready to be kindergarteners!

Snow Prediction Winners Announced!


The last little bit of snow–April 18th.

When would the snow go from the back playground inside the track?  Central School students and staff made their predictions, and then they watched and waited for those huge mounds of snow to melt!  Finally, on Sunday, April 19th, sometime between 9:00 AM and 12:00 Noon, the last bit of snow melted away!  The closest student prediction came from Dylan in 2nd grade, who had predicted Saturday, April 18th, before noon.  The closest prediction in Kindergarten came from Desi, 1st grade was Anthony P, 3rd grade was Sage, and 4th grade was Ziegen.  Mrs. I made the closest staff prediction.  Each student received a gift certificate to the Dari Joy, and everyone can now enjoy the ease of heading outside for recess without boots and hats and mittens!  Happy Spring!