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  • Winter Sports Fun! Winter Sports Fun!
  • Winter Sports Fun! Winter Sports Fun!
  • Winter Sports Fun! Winter Sports Fun!
  • Winter Sports Fun! Winter Sports Fun!
  • Winter Sports Fun! Winter Sports Fun!
  • Winter Sports Fun! Winter Sports Fun!
  • Winter Sports Fun! Winter Sports Fun!
  • Winter Sports Fun! Winter Sports Fun!

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CES to Host Rockin’Ham 5K!!

rsz_rockinghamcolorBy Ziegen

Central School  is excited to announce the first annual Rockin’Ham 5K run!  At a special Tuesday Morning Meeting on February 3rd (because of a snow day on February 2nd), a group of teachers came jogging into the gym in running clothes.  They ran around the gym, out the door, and back in again to cross a finish line.  Mrs. Steuwe was holding a stuffed pig, and she crossed the finish line first!  Then Mrs. Pickering, Mrs. Durand, and Mr. Lawry explained that they were running to get everyone excited about the Rockin’Ham 5K!

Mrs. Pickering, Mr. Lawry, and Mrs. Durand are the coordinators of the 5K.  Mrs. Durand said “The name of the race is Rockin’Ham 5K because we live in the town of Rockingham, and the logo was designed by Mrs. Shaw and shows a pig on a CES wagon with a electric guitar…so it is a rockin’ ham!”  The 5K run will take place on Saturday, April 4th, and it will start at the Rockingham Recreation Center at 11:00 AM.  The event is a fundraiser for the CES Parent Teacher Organization, and the goal is to raise $2000!

A company called 3C Race Productions will help CES to put on the race.  This company will do the timing, bring the number bibs, and promote the race.  Entry fees are $20 if registered by April 1st, $25 if registered between April 2nd and April 4th, and $6 for Central School students.  There will be prizes for the top male and female finishers, and all student runners in 4th grade or below will receive a medal!  In addition, the first 150 people to register before March 16th will receive t-shirts!

During the month of March, Mr. Lawry will have a running club for students in grades 2, 3 and 4.  The running club will meet every Tuesday and Thursday after school so that students can practice their running in preparation for the race!  A 5K race is five kilometers long, and it will consist of two 2.55 kilometer loops around Bellows Falls, beginning and ending at the Rockingham Recreation Center.

Businesses and individuals from the community are invited to sponsor the race or to donate prizes for a raffle that will take place on race day. Sponsors at a certain level will get their company name on the back of the t-shirt!   There is a thermometer on the hall inside the front door that will track the amount of money that the 5K event raises.  If you would like to sponsor the race, please contact the school at 463-4346!

If you are interested in running in the 5K, you can sign up online at https://g2racereg.webconnex.com/rockinham5k2015.  If you would like to buy raffle tickets, you can purchase them from any CES student or staff member.  The Rockin’Ham 5K will be an exciting, family-friendly, community event, and everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!!

Mrs. Steuwe with the pig is coming from behind!

Mrs. Steuwe with the pig is coming from behind!

The race to the finish line!

The race to the finish line!

Mrs. Steuwe with medal!

Mrs. Steuwe with medal!

3rd & 4th Grade Family Math Night Fun!

The Family Math Game Night held on Wednesday, February 11th, for 3rd and 4th graders was attended by 23 students and their families!  Thanks to Sadie’s late arrival, the 12 third graders edged out the 11 fourth graders for the attendance trophy!  Students moved around the gym with their families, playing two games at the tables and then one basketball game where they practiced tallying.  At the end of the evening, students received a packet of game instructions and a deck of cards to take home for continued math fun!  A great big “Thank you!” to Mrs. Sellarole for coordinating the Math Night events and to the many members of the staff who helped to make them go so smoothly!

Meet Miss Sarah Nichols!


Miss Nichols with her interviewers!

Miss Sarah Nichols is a student teacher with Mr. Lawry for seven weeks this winter term. She is a senior at Keene State College, and she will be at Central School until March 6th, 2015. Mrs. Kane’s SKILLS group sat down to interview Miss Nichols on February 10th, and they learned lots about her!

Childhood and Family

Miss Nichols grew up in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, and she graduated from Tantasqua Regional High School (TRHS).  When she was in elementary school, her school took field trips every Friday to Old Sturbridge Village!!  Miss Nichols has a younger brother named Mike who is 19 and a freshman in college at Worcester State.  As a child, she and her brother were the same size even though she is three years older.  Miss Nichols’ favorite sport is softball, and she used to be on a traveling team that played softball year-round. She also ran track one year, doing the short distance sprints and shot put.  She also likes to spin (ride a stationary bike) and weight train.  When Miss Nichols started college, she went to Southern New Hampshire University as a Psychology major, but she found out that she didn’t want to sit still, so she transferred to Keene State to become a Physical Education teacher.

Becoming a Physical Education Teacher and Future Plans

Miss Nichols said to become a Physical Education she has had to take a bunch of classes including sport classes and outdoor skill classes.  She had to do an elementary practicum which means she had to teach one class a day for a whole semester.  She also had to do a high school practicum for another semester.  She will be at our school for seven weeks for her first student teaching, and when she leaves our school she will spend seven weeks at the Keene Middle School for her second student teaching.

Miss Nichols will graduate from Keene State in May 2015, and then she will take an exam called the MTEL to be certified to be a physical education teacher in Massachusetts.  She wants to be certified in both PE and health education, and she will have interviews this summer to find a teaching position.

Central School Experience

On her first day at Central School, Miss Nichols was nervous!  There was Monday Morning Meeting and then recess duty, and someone got hurt outside.  Then there were ice skating and swimming field trips the very first week!   It was busy!

Miss Nichols said that it is awesome to work with Mr. Lawry.  “He does so many different activities, and I have had to get comfortable with teaching new skills, which is great because I will be comfortable teaching these skills when I have my own classes.”  Right now, Miss Nichols and Mr. Lawry have been busy planning all the winter sports field trips, but after the February vacation, Miss Nichols will teach a unit she has designed for K-2 classes.  It is a jumping unit, and students will work on jumping techniques (including landing softly).  They will practice broad jumps and high jumps and hopscotch, and then at the end they will do some jumping rope!

Miss Nichols’ favorite part of teaching is seeing how each lesson goes, especially when students come up with ideas that change the lesson.  She also really likes seeing students cooperate.  Her least favorite part is when the lesson has to slow down for silly stuff, like students being goofy or not paying attention to directions.

Overall, though, Miss Nichols said, “I really like the energy here at CES!”


Famous Kids’ Poet to Come to CES!

ted_scheu-150x150by Alyssa and Chloe

A famous poet named Ted Scheu is coming to CES on Monday, February 9th Wednesday, April 1st!  He will be coming to teach and share poetry.  Ted Scheu was an elementary teacher for six years, and now he has been writing poems for twelve years.  He has four collections of poetry as well as a “Best of Me” collection.  He is 60 years old, but he feels like a kid!   Ted was born in Buffalo, NY, but he now lives in Middlebury, VT.  On his website www.poetryguy.com you can get more exciting information about Ted and learn about his seven cousins.  You can even hear his cousins read some of his poems!  His cousins’ names are Arrrthur, Billy Beau-Bob, Boris, Dweedlezorp, Guy, Luigi, and Reginald.  (You may notice the strong family resemblance between Ted and his cousins.)

Ted will be starting the day at Central with an all-school assembly from 8:15-9:00. Kindergarten and first grade will have a workshop called Making Sensory Comparisons from 9:15-10:00.  Then second graders will have a workshop called Writing From the Heart from 10:15 to 11:15.  Third and fourth grades will have an afternoon workshop from 1:00 to 2:00.

During lunch two students from each class will be able to have lunch with Ted Scheu.


2nd Grade Wins Trophy for February Walk-to-School!

rsz_2015-02-05_090433by Grace

Finally the weather cooperated (though it was 5 degrees out!!), and we had our Walk to School Day!! YAY!  There were 13 kindergarteners, 12 first graders, 17 second graders, 9 third graders, and 14 fourth graders who walked to school.  In total there were 65 students walking, and second grade won the trophy!!

Everyone who walked got to use a pair of hand warmers to keep their fingers warm!  Alyssa said, “I loved the hand warmers because they were really cool.  All you really needed to do was push a button and it would be warm.”

Kieona said, “I felt excited about the Walk to School Day.  It was very cold out, but I enjoyed walking with my friends and talking with them.  I thought that the hand warmers were very helpful, and I want to thank Mr. Lawry for the Walk to School Day.”

The next Walk to School Day will be held on the first Wednesday in March, and students will gather at the Rockingham Recreation Center.

K-2 Family Math Game Night a Smashing Success! Round Two: 3rd & 4th Grades!!

by Kieona

Thirty-three CES students brought their families to the Family Math Game Night for K-2 on Wednesday, January 28th! There were eleven kindergarteners, thirteen first graders, and nine second graders.  The first grade won the trophy for highest participation.  The trophy was made by Mrs. Rawling, and it was a shadow box with little math manipulatives like =, +, and – signs.   Mrs. Sellarole said that she thought the event was “great because the kids were having fun!”

by Ziegen

On Wednesday, February 11th, a Family Math Game Night will be held for 3rd and 4th grades!  The event will take place from 6:00-7:00 pm, and it will be held in the CES gym.  Students will teach their parents two math games from the “Investigations” math program, and Mr. Lawry will also have a third “active” math game for families to try. Each family will receive a “surprise math bag” to take home. Once again, the grade level with the highest participation will win a trophy!


4th Grade Bread Bakers!!

Mixing ingredients...

Mixing ingredients…

Forming the loaves...

Forming the loaves…

Ready to bake...

Ready to bake…







Mrs. Harty’s 4th grade class took on the responsibility of baking the Italian bread for the CES Spaghetti Supper to be held this Friday, January 30th, at the Moose Family Lodge from 5:00 to 6:30.  Students measured and combined ingredients, kneaded and formed the loaves, and then baked the loaves.  The loaves have been frozen now, and they will be thawed on Friday when the students will finish the process by applying garlic butter before the loaves are reheated for the dinner.

Mrs. Harty’s class hopes everyone will attend the dinner to enjoy the spaghetti, meatballs, and yummy garlic bread which they have made!  If you have not sent in your reservation, please call the school at 463-4346 to let the cooks know how much they should prepare.  Even without a reservation, please join us at the Moose Family Lodge on Friday evening!

Yummy golden loaves!

Yummy golden loaves!

Spaghetti Supper Extraordinaire!!

rsz_img_20150123_150802284by Chloe

The public is invited to join the CES community for a spaghetti supper!  The spaghetti supper will be hosted at the Bellows Falls Family Moose Lodge on Friday, January 30th, from 5:00 to 6:30 PM, and all the funds raised will benefit the CES Parent Teacher Organization.

Each grade has been asked to bring an ingredient to help make the spaghetti. Kindergarten’s ingredient was one stick of butter.  The first grade was asked to bring a one pound box of spaghetti. Second grade was asked to bring one can of plain spaghetti sauce. Fourth grade was asked to bring bread-flour for garlic bread.  Mrs. Harty’s class used the bread-flour to make yummy garlic bread!!

CES hopes to see lots of families and friends at the spaghetti supper!


Math Game Night!!

cardsby Kieona

Calling all students in grades K through 2!!!  Please bring your families to our Math Game Night to be held this Wednesday, January 28th, from 6 to 7 PM in the CES gym. Families will play two math games from the Investigations math program, and Mr. Lawry will also have a third “active” math game for families. Every family that attends will go home with a grab bag of math goodies to use at home, and the grade with the most students participating will receive a trophy!!

Don’t worry, 3rd and 4th graders, you will get to have a Math Game Night on February 11th!

Investigating Investigations!


Investigations involves talking…..

by Ella

This school year, all Central School classes began using a new math program called Investigations.  Mr. Nemlich explained,  “Investigations is a program that has been around for many years.  It  has been used at different grade levels in this building, but this year we have extended it so that it is being used throughout all the grades, K-4.”

...and explaining your thinking...

…and explaining your thinking…

He added, “Investigations is based on different practices around math, not the traditional ‘this is how we add, this is how we subtract’ kind of teaching.  It is more exploratory with lots of opportunities to play around with math ideas and help you discover things on your own.”


…and using manipulatives…


….and building arrays….

When asked if he liked the Investigations program, Mr.Nemlich said, “I do like it because it helps kids become more math thinkers than math doers.  It is really important that kids are thinking about numbers and how numbers are used and how they can use numbers as opposed to simply getting good at multiplying numbers or adding numbers.”

Mr.Nemlich added, “I don’t think it is complicated.  I think it is actually a more exciting math program.  Lots of activities, lots of working with classmates, listening to classmates, working together.  A lot less ‘kids sitting in chairs listening to the teacher talk’ type of instruction.  It is a much more engaging and fun program, and learning should be fun.”

Mr.Nemlich said he would “absolutely” have liked to have had the Investigations math program used when he was a kid!  He added, “I was the kind of kid that did okay in math, but I didn’t really understand what I was doing.  I didn’t fully understand subtraction until I had to teach it to somebody and then I could explain it.  As I was doing it as a kid, I was just sort of following processes and procedures.  I think Investigations is much more exciting.”

Alex, a fourth grader, agreed.  He said, ”I think Investigations takes you deeper into math and makes you understand math better.”


…and explaining your answer….

Mrs.Sellarole likes the new math program a lot.  She said, “Investigations helps students to think deeply about math and really understand place value too.  This program helps students think about and explain their thinking as they make sense of math.  There are fewer topics but students look into them more deeply, using models, cubes, and number lines to show their math thinking.  They also use math thinking to link math to real life examples.”


…which you can get in many different ways!

Mark your calendars!  On January 28th, there will be a Family Math Night for families with students in kindergarten, first, and second grades.  Then on February 11th, there will be a Family Math Night for families with students in third and fourth grades.  Families will learn and play math games, and the class with the most families attending will win a trophy!!