• Bike Week Fun! Bike Week Fun!
  • Bike Week Fun! Bike Week Fun!
  • Bike Week Fun! Bike Week Fun!
  • Bike Week Fun! Bike Week Fun!
  • Bike Week Fun! Bike Week Fun!
  • Bike Week Fun! Bike Week Fun!
  • Bike Week Fun! Bike Week Fun!
  • Bike Week Fun! Bike Week Fun!
  • Bike Week Fun! Bike Week Fun!
  • Bike Week Fun! Bike Week Fun!
  • Bike Week Fun! Bike Week Fun!
  • Bike Week Fun! Bike Week Fun!
  • Bike Week Fun! Bike Week Fun!
  • Bike Week Fun! Bike Week Fun!

Website articles are written by Central School Fourth Graders. Previous articles can be accessed from the older post link on the bottom left.

KinderRoo is Back!!

By Riley and Emma M.rsz_1img_4625

KinderRoo is back! She is here at Central School to help teach kindergarten their letters.

Naughty KinderRoo has been coming to Central School for fifteen years. Mrs. Rawling is “excited’’ and Mrs. Pickering is ’’a little concerned’’ to have KinderRoo back.  Brady thinks KinderRoo is going to leave oatmeal on the floor, and Molly thinks KinderRoo will put glue on the floor!

All the kindergarteners are a little worried and excited at the same time to see KinderRoo back again!

The World According to Humphrey

Humphrey and his cage in the CES library!

Humphrey and his cage in the CES library!

By Emma K.

On October 3rd, everyone will get a copy of this year’s book for the One School One Book program! The book is called The World According to Humphrey.

Students and their families will start reading the book on October 3rd and will continue for three weeks. The teachers will read to their students each day, but students will need to read with their families at home in order to know the trivia answers each morning!  Staff and students will also be doing a lot of extra Humphrey things on Monday Morning Meetings.

“This is a adorable book about a delightful and wise hamster that kids will love reading with their families,” Mrs. Durand said.

Fourth grader Abbie N. will be reading ahead and planning the trivia questions with Mrs. Spurlock.

The World According to Humphrey is a very funny, heartwarming, and cute book that everyone will love,” Mrs. Spurlock said.

“We hope that everyone will enjoy reading about Humphrey!” said Mrs. Durand.

Meet Nurse Jen!

dsc05027jpgBy Hadley

On Wednesday, August 31st, CES students welcomed the school’s new part-time Nurse Jennifer Burke. Nurse Jen worked at the Westminster Center School and Leland and Gray High School before coming to CES.  She has also worked at a hospital, where she helped deliver babies!  She has two sons: Brody who is 17 and Jack who is 13.  She has also been married for 19 years.  CES students and staff are happy to have Nurse Jen at our school!

First Graders Getting Settled


Settling in to 1st Grade!

by Aubrey and Isabella

The first graders are getting settled this fall.  They are learning their routines and the first grade jobs.

Saul said, “I like the toys in first grade. I like reading, math, and I love coloring too.  My favorite job is trash helper.”

Avery said, “I like reading and library. I love first grade and kindergarten the most. I love Mrs I.”

The first graders have had a lot of fun starting the 2016-17 school year.

Bike Week is Here!


Ready to ride!

by Justin

Mr. Lawry’s third and fourth grade PE classes will be learning about bike safety during the week of September 26th at Central School.

Every year Mr. Lawry does bike safety with third and fourth graders. There will be a bike trailer with 45 loaner bikes for students that don’t have bikes. There will be a bike-to-school day and a bike-after-school day. Mr. Lawry will be teaching students the importance of how to be safe at intersections and coming out of driveways.

Checking a bike to be sure it is ready to ride!

Checking a bike to be sure it is ready to ride!

The third and fourth graders practiced bike maintenance in PE classes this past week. Robert said, “It was a good time learning how to fix a bike.” Riley said, “It was fun and I wanted to get my hands dirty.” Izzy said, “It was really fun fixing the bikes. I really liked putting air in the tires.”

Bike Safety week will start September 26th at Central School.


A New Face in the Library!

rsz_dsc04945by Emma K.

This year Central Elementary has a new librarian, Mrs. Spurlock!  Mrs. Spurlock was hired when Mrs. Kane, the previous librarian, was transferred to a fourth grade classroom.

Mrs. Spurlock and her husband are both librarians. They moved to Bellows Falls from Georgia, and it took three days to get to Bellows Falls from Georgia. She has three children and a lot of books!  She knows a lot about books and technology.

“She has a great sense of humor, and she is always very helpful to the staff when we need help,” said Ms. Cloues.

Avery said, “She is nice, and I like her decorations.”

“I like that she tells funny stories,” said Duke.

Mrs. Spurlock loves being here. She said that she likes being a school librarian better than a public librarian.

Hard Workers of CES: The Third Graders!

by Dillan


Hardworking third grader!

Central School third grade students are back and learning lots.

Central students in third grade are taking reading assessments and are starting reading and math classes.  Third grade is learning about local government rules and laws. Mrs.Green’s class and Mrs. Bisbee’s class are both doing Track My Progress this week and did spelling assessments last week.  Central third graders are learning to use computers and learn about math and local government.

The first week of school the third graders have been busy and are hard workers of CES.

First Day of First Grade


Enjoying a cool treat on a hot day at school!

by John and Ferris

The first graders had a positive first day of school.

Blake said, “The first day of school was good because we played games.  It was fun going through the bubbles on the first day of school, and I had fun playing outside.  I like Mrs. Hearne for a new teacher, and I like coming to school from summer.”

Saul said, “The first day of school was good.  It was exciting coming back.  We played games, and I like Mrs. I for a new teacher.  It was exciting going through the bubbles on the first day of school.”

Griffin said, “The first day of school was good because I met new friends.  Going through the bubbles on the first day of school was cool.”

Carter said, “I loved the first day of school and working with the teachers.  I loved playing at recess and playing with the kids.  I like what we are doing in first grade and gym and art and library.”

The first graders enjoyed the first day of school




Mrs. Rawling will be at SCAMP camp…


…and so will Mrs. Pickering!

SCAMP camp for incoming kindergartners is scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, August 15, 16, and 17.  Camp will take place from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Central School.  Lunch will be served free of charge, or students can bring their own lunch.  Please call Kerry Pickering at 603-835-2595 if your child plans to attend any of the days.  Any incoming kindergartner is welcome!

Happy Summer!!

rsz_img_3422 rsz_img_3465

During the final few weeks of the school year, students spent some time getting ready for summer! Mr. Lawry organized a bike rodeo on the back playground so students could practice their bike riding skills and safe road habits.

rsz_img_3553 rsz_img_3430 rsz_img_3389

Mrs. Harty spent time with every grade planting the gardens around the back playground with flowers and vegetables that we will enjoy when we return in the fall!


And during our final Year of the Book event, with author/illustrator Jason Chin, students were able to pick two new books for summertime reading!  Happy Summer to all!!

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