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  • Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving to all!

First Grade Feast

by Tyler

First grade held a Thanksgiving dinner at 5:30 PM on Thursday, November 20th, in the Central School gymnasium.  In preparation, the first graders created placemats and centerpieces with candles, and they each wore a Native American headdress or Pilgrim hat or bonnet.  They also created necklaces to wear.  Each family brought a dish to share, and some families even cooked turkeys to bring!

At 5:30 the first graders performed some songs and poems, and then the students, families, and teachers had dinner together.

Mrs. Verespy said, “We’ve been talking about the history of Thanksgiving and how the Pilgrims were grateful for the help they’d received from the Native Americans, grateful for the friendly neighbors they had found, and grateful for their families.  Like them, we expressed gratitude for each other by gathering together with family, friends, and food.”

Second Grade Feast

by Alex

Second graders had a Thanksgiving feast in their classrooms on Friday, November 21st! The students had prepared the food and decorated the tables, and they all enjoyed the special dinner together!


Circus Week!

by Ella

On the week of November 3rd through 7th, Troy Wunderle came to our school to teach us circus skills in the gym.  All the classes worked hard on their skills all week long, and everyone had a lot of fun. Students worked on balance skills and eye-hand coordination skills.

On Friday, November 7th, the students presented their skills to an audience of teachers and students.  The kindergarteners presented juggling scarves–sometimes one scarf, sometimes two!!  The upper grades shared their work with plate spinning, devil sticks, feather balancing, ball juggling, stilts, pedalos, pogo sticks, hula hoops, and many more kinds of equipment.  Mr. Lawry even attempted to ride a unicycle while juggling three balls!

It was so exciting to have Troy come to our school!

KinderRoo Brings Letters/Sounds to Kindergarten!

by Alyssa and Julianna

Those crazy friends are back in kindergarten!  KinderRoo and Joey have come back to help kindergarteners learn their letters. They have been bringing so many fun things with all their letters throughout the fall. They make really big messes in the hall each day with food and other things like potato chips and yarn.

Colton and Etina were very excited about what Kinder Roo and Joey did last Friday!  Both of the KinderRoos and Joeys (one from each kindergarten classroom) were in a van on the back playground!  Colton said, “On Friday it was V day at Kindergarten, so for V day KinderRoo and Joey were inside a van going on vacation. They drove and drove and kept driving to a short two-day vacation to Virginia.”

Etina said that she thought someone was driving Kinder Roo.

Jade and Sean really like KinderRoo a lot too. Jade said, “KinderRoo makes learning letters and sounds fun.”

Sean said, “KinderRoo makes a lot of messes with her letters that she brings.”

KinderRoo brought Easter eggs for E and flip flops with feathers for F.  She also brought an umbrella for the letter U.  At the beginning of the year, KinderRoo only brings two letters each week, but now she has been bringing 3 or 4 letters each week.

KinderRoo has been coming to Central School for eight years now as part of the Success for All reading program.  Mrs.Pickering said, ”I love KinderRoo a lot, but she is a lot of work!”  KinderRoo will be bringing her final letters this week, and on December 2nd KinderRoo will leave Central School to go to help students in another school.

KinderRoo and Joey are a lot of fun, and they are loved very much in kindergarten.

Fanfare Brass Trio to Visit CES!

brass trioby Ashlin

The Vermont Symphony Orchestra’s Fanfare Brass Trio is coming to Central School for a concert on Friday, November 21st! The members of the Trio are Joy Worland, Jason Whitcomb, and Lori Salimando. Joy plays the French horn, Jason plays the trumpet, and Lori plays the trombone.

Mrs. Daigneault is very excited that the Fanfare Brass Trio is coming to CES.  She said,  “It is very important for our students to hear live music and to have professional music performances.”

Look for photos and another report after the concert!


Thanksgiving Week Plans

Early Release

by Tyler

Next week will be a very short week of school!  On Monday, students will attend school for only 3½  hours, from 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM.  Students will have lunch before they leave school.  After school get outs, teachers will begin holding parent/teacher conferences for the rest of the day on Monday and all day on Tuesday.  Students will have the rest of the week and also the weekend off for Thanksgiving. So that’s 6 ½ days off!  HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Parent/Teacher Conferencesfall leaf

by Natasha

CES parent/teacher conferences are coming up on Monday and Tuesday, November 24th and 25th!  Conference times begin right after students are released at 11:30 on Monday morning, and they will continue through the afternoon and on Tuesday too.

Mrs. Pickering said, “Conferences are super important because the teachers get to share all the good news about all the good things students are doing in school.”

Mrs. Harty added, “I think conferences are a great time to meet parents and share about their children. I also like talking face to face with parents because so much of our communication during the year is written.”

If you have not signed up for a conference time yet, please contact the school at 802-463-4346 to make arrangements to meet with your child’s teacher.



Central School Walks to School!

Walk to School Events happen each month on the first Wednesday of the month.  Mr. Lawry announces the location and date, and he invites all students to walk to school, even those who ride the bus!!  Students who ride the bus can be dropped off at the gathering location–either Hetty Green Park or the Rockingham Rec Center.  Students and staff gather at 7:25 AM and begin walking at 7:35 AM.  If there is bad weather, Mr. Lawry will send out a Connect Ed call to let everyone know that the walk has been postponed.

Here are the reports from the first two walks this school year:

October Walk to School

by Grace

The first Walk to School of the year was well attended, and Kindergarten won the Golden Shoe Award with seventeen students walking!!  First grade had thirteen walkers, second grade had sixteen walkers, third grade had six walkers, and fourth grade had eleven walkers.

Third grade had the most bikers with six students so they won the Golden Gear Award, and fourth grade had four bikers.  In total, there were seventy-three kids and ten adults participating!

Kindergarteners were thrilled with the Golden Shoe Award.  Keegan said, “I was so happy to win the Golden Shoe Award.”  Delaney said, “It feels really good to win the Golden Shoe Award, and I’m proud of it, and I love the Golden Shoe Award.”  Ashlynn said, “It feels really good and awesome to win the Golden Shoe Award.”

Mrs. Pickering said, “I was so super excited because we haven’t won the Golden Shoe Award in a long time, and when I was walking to school, I thought we might win. I’m also excited because we get to show all the parents and families at Open House.  When we heard the announcement, our class cheered so loud!”

Kindergarten celebrated their win by giving Mr.Lawry high fives, enjoying cookies from KinderRoo, and walking down the hall proudly at the end of the day!  Congratulations, Kindergarten!!

November Walk to School

by Emma

CES students walked to school from the Rockingham Rec on Wednesday, November 5th, for fun and exercise.  The number of students in each grade were …kindergarten 15, 1st  grade 14, 2nd graders 13, 3rd grade 12, and 4th grade 16!

Mr. Lawry said, “I am very happy about the number of students that walked.”  He is planning a walk to school for the first Wednesday of each month, and at the end of the year there will be a big Walk to School!  Mr. Lawry is especially happy that the CES students are being active!

The 4th graders are happy to have won the Golden Shoe Award.  Julianna said, “I am happy and excited.”  Ashlin said that she was thrilled that the 4th graders beat her sister’s 2nd grade class, and Ella agreed, saying she was happy the 4th graders beat her brother’s 3rd grade class!

Good job, 4th Grade!!

Meet Troy Wunderle!!


Interviewing Troy!

by Tyler, Julianna, Dillon, Ella, Emma, Ashlin, Natasha, Alex, and Kristyona

While Troy Wunderle was visiting our school during the week of November 3rd, Mrs. Kane’s  SKILLS group had a chance to interview him.  The group met with Troy in the library on Wednesday, November 5th, and asked him lots of questions about his clown life and his personal life.

Growing Up and Family Life

Troy grew up in a log cabin in Saxtons River, and he attended the Saxtons River Elementary School, Bellows Falls Middle School, and Bellows Falls Union High School!  Troy was a classmate with Mrs.Daigneault, and he was neighbors with Miss Diana! He worked on a farm from the time he was 5 years old all the way up until he was in college.  Growing up, his family had “millions” of animals.  There were three dogs, lots of cats, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, fish, cows, sheep, pigs, bunny rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, turtles, parakeets, and many, many more!

Now Troy lives in Bartonsville with his wife Sara and two daughters, Ariana, who is 11 years old, and Emily, who is 13 years old.  Both of his daughters are circus performers, and they have performed since they were two years old!  Troy’s wife Sara works fulltime for Circus Smirkus, and the whole family tours with Circus Smirkus each summer, performing 80 shows all over New England.

One family story that Troy shared was that his family invented a candy that everyone has eaten.  The students guessed every candy they could think of, but they couldn’t guess it!  It was candy corn!!!  It used to be called Wunderle’s Chicken Corn!

When asked why he wanted to be a clown, Troy answered that he has always been “intrigued by” (which means interested in) lots of things his whole life.  He loves to travel, perform, build things, design things, sew his own costumes, play musical instruments, coach, perform, speak different languages, do athletic activities, and work with animals. As a circus clown, he can do all these things, and he can always be learning new things and using the things he has learned!

Troy’s mom and dad are proud of Troy, but they never would have guessed that he would be a clown.  As a child he was afraid of heights and people!  His two daughters think it’s fun to have a clown for a dad (he’s not too serious, and he goofs around and plays with them), and his wife thinks it’s crazy to be married to a clown for a  husband!

Being a Clown

The students asked Troy how he overcame his fears of heights and people.  Troy told the story of attending a circus when he was about ten years old.  He watched people walk on huge stilts in front of hundred of members of the audience.  It amazed him, and he thought maybe these people had fears but they had faced them.  When he graduated from 8th grade at BFMS, he received the Citizenship Award, and he realized that teachers saw that he had potential to do great things.  He began to think that he should think that he had potential, and he realized that he should challenge himself to overcome his fears!

After high school, Troy went to college and got a degree in graphic design.  Then he was accepted to Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Clown College where he became a clown!  (Next week, Troy will be flying to Rosemont, Illinois, where he is the director of a clown college!)  He has many other clown friends in the circus with him because clowns consider each other family.

Sometimes Troy does dress up and use face paint, but he does not wear wigs or big clown shoes.  He does not want to scare people like clowns sometimes do.  Troy explained that being a clown is based upon how you act, not what you’re wearing.  He is what is called a European style clown or a theatrical clown.  The other thing he does to be a clown is use his voice in fun ways so that every person can enjoy it, even himself!

Troy`s favorite circus trick is stilt walking.   He has stilt walked in rivers, up a ski mountain in winter, in the middle of people dancing, and on ice!  Going up the ski mountain was probably the scariest thing he has ever done.  Lots of skiers fell around him, but he did not! Troy does many performances including circus shows, bubble shows, workshops, strolling entertainment, school residencies, and circus camps.  He is on the road a lot going to schools and other places.

He and other clowns can not be clowns all the time. There is a lot to the clown business that is serious: getting the work, paying bills, staying healthy, getting health insurance.  However, Troy said, he always has a mindset that is inquisitive, intrigued, and joyful.

The Week at Central

The students asked Troy how he has been enjoying his week at CES.  He said he was LOVING his time at our school!!! (He asked the students to end that statement with three exclamation marks!)  He added, “I like the kids, the community, the teachers, and the phys ed teacher best of all.  And it is 15 minutes from my home, so I can go home afterwards, which I don’t always get to do!”

Troy loves teaching people of all ages, from little kids to senior citizens, but he did say the students could say that (for the purpose of this interview) 4th grade was his favorite to teach!

Troy told the students that if they want to learn more circus acts, they should go to the library to find books about circus tricks, magic tricks, and Circus Smirkus. Troy ended the interview by giving autographs to each of the students!  He explained that he gives out autographs because it makes kids happy, and his motto (as seen on the back of his shirt) is “Spread joy, create memories, inspire dreams.”   Troy has certainly done all of that during his circus residency at Central School!

Growing Happy, Healthy Habits!

The 7 Healthy Habits Tree!

The 7 Healthy Habits Tree!

by Tyler

Our school-wide theme this year at Central School is “Growing Happy, Healthy Habits!” As part of this theme, all the teachers and staff are reading the book The Seven Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey. The habits are (1) be proactive, (2) begin with the end in mind, (3) put first things first, (4) think win-win, (5) seek first to understand, then to be understood, (6) synergize, and (7) sharpen the saw.  In the gym we have a tree with the seven habits, and CES students will put leaves with their names on the tree.  The tree represents the way we act and listen in school and wherever we go.

Mrs. Steuwe, Mr. Scarlett, Mrs. Daigneault and others have been performing skits about the seven habits at each Monday Morning Meeting.  Kids will start singing and performing about the seven habits beginning on Monday, November 17th.

Mr. Nemlich said, “I think the seven habits are good for our school because they change the way we think about things.’’ Mrs. Steuwe added, “The habits aren’t just for children but for everyone.”


Troy Wunderle to Bring His Circus Fun to CES!!

by Grace


Troy Wunderle

Troy Wunderle is coming to CES to do a circus residency during the week of November 3rd through 7th.  The PTO is sponsoring Troy Wunderle’s residency in order to provide a wonderful experience for CES students.

Troy Wunderle says, “I’m thrilled to be bringing Wunderle’s Big Top Adventures back to Central Elementary School. I look forward to teaching life skills through the circus arts in a fun and noncompetitive way.”   Training equipment that Troy will bring will include: juggling, spinning plates, devil sticks, diabolos, feathers, hula hoops, jump ropes, lassos, pogo sticks, unicycles, rolling globes, rola bolas, stilts, rip sticks, pedalos and more. Games, human stunts, acrobatics, human pyramids, clowning workshops and entertaining magic tricks will also be taught if there is time. Wunderle’s Big Top Adventures aims to spread joy, create memories and inspire dreams.  Troy is a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of art, and the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.  Troy’s antics have been featured on the Disney Channel, The Today Show, Martha Stewart, Chronicle, Fetch, Fox and Friends and Americas Funniest Home Videos.

CES students are excited to meet and work with Troy next week!!


CES Book Fair Report!

rsz_book_fairby Nathaniel

The Scholastic Book Fair came to Central School for the week of October 20th!  The fair generated total sales of about $2500, and the school earned over $1000 in Scholastic dollars which can be used to purchase books for the school.  Mrs. Kane reported, “It is so much fun to see the excitement that the book fair creates!  Many children and families purchased books for themselves or as gifts, and the benefit to the school is the funds to supply the library with additional books that students will enjoy for years to come.”

One thing new this year at the book fair was extended hours during Open House on Wednesday, October 22nd.  Families were able to come early to shop at the book fair before visiting classrooms, and many people took advantage of this option.  Mrs. Kane said, “We were busy at the book fair from 5:15 to 7:15, so I am very glad we tried the early opening option.”

Mrs. Kane was assisted by Mrs. Durand, Mrs.Steuwe, Nurse Anita, Mrs. Rounds, Mr.Smith, Mrs. O, Mrs. Verespy, Mr. Nemlich, and Mr. Lawry in moving the book fair from the Library to the gym and back again for the Open House.  “I am so grateful for the help of all the staff members in making the book fair a success,” Mrs. Kane said.

Happy Reading!