• Ready to Go! Ready to Go!
  • And they're off!! And they're off!!
  • Right in stride! Right in stride!
  • Rockin' along! Rockin' along!
  • The joy of running! The joy of running!
  • Heading to the finish line! Heading to the finish line!
  • Heading to the finish line! Heading to the finish line!
  • Striding along! Striding along!
  • A happy runner! A happy runner!
  • Father and son! Father and son!
  • Striding along! Striding along!
  • First CES finisher! First CES finisher!

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Poems, Poems, and More Poems!

Put a Poem in Your Pocket!

Put a Poem in Your Pocket!

by Julianna

At Central School, we are all excited about poetry!!!  April is Poetry Month, and every day if you go to the library bulletin board, you will find a new poem.  The poems are in the pockets on shorts and other pieces of clothing that are attached to the bulletin board.

Taking a poem from a pocket...for a pocket!

Taking a poem from a pocket…for a pocket!

Every day you need a poem in your pocket.  Whenever Mrs.Kane sees you, she might ask you to pull out your poem and read it to her. You can make your own poems or get one at school.

The first poem was one of Ted Scheu’s favorite poems when he was a kid:

Algie saw a bear./The bear saw Algie./The bear was bulgy./The bulge was Algie!

Some of the other poem titles that have been on the bulletin board or that are coming up are Clouds, The Cow, Little Talk, The Beaver, Mice, Someone, and The Pickety Fence.  There are even some of Ted Scheu’s poems from his books, so if you look, you might be lucky to get one of his poems!!!!

All of these poems are so good!  You should get one because it will make Mrs.Kane’s day!


New Shoes at Central School!

Kindergarten students showing off their new shoes!

Kindergarten students showing off their new shoes!

by Julianna

The whole school got new shoes.  Every C.E.S student and staff member got new Toms. Toms is a type of shoe.  We got these shoes from Faith Christian Church.  They thought it would be nice to give the shoes to our school.  We are all very thankful to get all these new shoes. The new shoes are for the summer and the rest of the school year.

The whole school is so thankful for our new shoes, and we all want to say thank you to the people that gave us our new shoes.  We love our new shoes!!!!!!!!!

CES Students Vote for Red Clover and DCF Favorites!

by Saquon

During the week of April 13th, Central School students voted for their favorite Red Clover book.  They have read all ten of the 2014-15 Red Clover books.  Students reviewed the books by playing a Jeopardy game before they voted, and then they voted by paper ballot. After totaling the votes, Mrs. Kane will send the votes to the Vermont Center for the Book where they will be collected with votes from the students in kindergarten to fourth grade all over Vermont.

Fourth grade is also voting for DCF books.  Each 4th grader that has read 5 or more DCF books gets to vote for his/her favorite.  Grace read the most DCF books!  She read 20 DCF books.  Fourteen 4th graders read five or more books and got to vote for their favorite.

CONGRATS to all the students that voted for Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great, because that’s the Red Clover book that won in Central School!!  State-wide results will be available later in April.

Rockin’Ham 5K a Rocking Success!!

rsz_kk2The weather was chilly and the wind was blowing, but approximately 250 runners and walkers bundled up and had a blast participating in the first Rockin’Ham 5K held Saturday morning, April 4th, to benefit the Central School Parent Teacher Organization!  Kurt Hackler of Alstead was the overall winner with a time of 16:01, and Leah Lawry (Mr. Lawry’s wife) was the first female finisher with a time of 21:07.  86 students from 4th grade and under participated and received medals.  For full race results, visit coolrunning.com.


Ted Scheu, That Poetry Guy, Visits CES!

  • Ted greets Cousin Billy Beau-Bob! Ted greets Cousin Billy Beau-Bob!
  • Ted greets Cousin Dweedlezorp! Ted greets Cousin Dweedlezorp!
  • Our "Spring Rocks!" poem! Our "Spring Rocks!" poem!
  • A Poem for Multiple Voices A Poem for Multiple Voices
  • Now I Know My ZBC's! Now I Know My ZBC's!
  • Poetry in Process! Poetry in Process!
  • Ted! Ted!
  • Sharing... Sharing...
  • Sharing... Sharing...
  • Sharing... Sharing...
  • Lunch with Ted Lunch with Ted
  • Lunch with Ted Lunch with Ted
  • Laughs with Ted! Laughs with Ted!
  • Two Poets in Conversation Two Poets in Conversation
  • Mesmerized Mesmerized
  • Poetry in Process! Poetry in Process!

Children’s poet Ted Scheu received a warm welcome when he visited Central School on Wednesday, April 1st.  In fact, his cousins were even on hand to greet him!

Central School students had spent time getting to know Ted by visiting his website, www.poetryguy.com.  On his website, Ted has his “cousins” read some of his poems, and the students enjoyed meeting and hearing Boris from Russia, Guy from Paris, Reginald from England, Luigi from New York City, Billy Beau-Bob from South Carolina, Arrrthur from Key West, and Dweedlezorp from the Planet Gzork.  There is a strong family resemblance between Ted and his cousins, which led students to deduce that maybe Ted is actually acting as his cousins!  

So when Ted’s visit–originally scheduled for February 9th–had to be rescheduled to April 1st because of a snow day in February, CES students were looking forward to playing some April Fools Day jokes on Ted!  Erin, a kindergartener in Mrs. Rawling’s class, came up with the idea of students dressing up as Ted’s cousins to surprise him!  With tremendous costume help from Mrs. Steuwe, the kindergarteners were outfitted as the seven cousins early on April 1st, and they greeted Ted before the start of the all-school assembly using his cousins’ trademark greetings!  “Bonjour!” said Guy.  “How-dee-do! How are you?” said Billy Beau-Bob.  “Alrighty, then,” said the reserved Reginald.  And, most fun of all, “Zorkoblat!” said Dweedlezorp!!

Then Ted was off and running for a day of non-stop poetry!  During the all-school assembly he shared some of his favorite poems, including one that required some fourth grade girls to play a part.  They read a line, then he read a line, and back and forth, until the concluding line:  “We’re driving our parents right out of their brains!”  After a short break, Ted moved to the library where the kindergarten and first grade classes joined him for a workshop called “Making Sensory Comparisons.”  Students explored similes and then wrote poems about themselves that used similes.  (Example: “I run as fast as a lion!”) The second graders came next for a workshop called “Writing from the Heart.”  Students wrote poems about a special place they have or wish they had.  Two students from each classroom joined Ted for lunch where they shared conversation about poetry, books, and dreams.  Then the afternoon featured a “Writing from the Heart” workshop for 3rd and 4th graders.

Aaliyah had a chance to interview Ted during a brief lull in the day.  She asked him how he came up with the idea for his cousins.  Ted explained that he wanted to jazz up his website, and he likes making voices and acting, so he had a lot of fun creating the different cousins.  Aaliyah asked him how he was enjoying his day at Central School.  Ted replied, “It is the best!  I received the warmest welcome I think I’ve ever gotten at any school!  It was so much fun to see my cousins coming through the door!”

Students have been writing and enjoying poetry all month in celebration of National Poetry Month, and any students who wish to send their poems to Ted can leave them in the envelope next to the library bulletin board!


Rockin’Ham 5K Update!!

Mrs. Pickering with the 5K t-shirt!!

Mrs. Pickering with the 5K t-shirt!!

By Joey

The 5K fundraising thermometer has gone to $8,500!!!!  And the BIG DAY is tomorrow!!! On Saturday, April 4th, at the Rockingham Recreation Center, more than 70 Central School students will join teachers, families, and community members in running the Rockin’Ham 5K to benefit the CES Parent Teacher Organization!  There are 65 fabulous prizes to be won in the raffle, and the top male and female winners of the 5K will receive a ham!  All students in grade 4 and under will receive a medal!

The weather forecast for Saturday is COLD with some rain (and maybe snow) ending in the morning.  Wear your layers, and bring your hats and gloves!!  The race will go off rain or shine!  Limited parking will be available at the Rec Center, and additional parking can be found along Playground Road and at the Bellows Falls Village Shed on Blake Street.  If you live nearby, we encourage you to walk to the event.  Same-day registration is available for an entrance fee of $25.

Early check-in can happen today (Friday, April 3rd) at Central School between 4:00 and 6:00 PM.  Come today to pick up your t-shirt and bib number!  You can also buy raffle tickets this afternoon or tomorrow morning, and new registrations will be taken this afternoon as well.

The 5K committee of Mrs. Pickering, Mr. Lawry, Mrs. Durand, Mrs. Green, Mrs. O, and Mrs. Kane thank all of the staff and community members who have helped sponsor, support, and prepare for the 5K!  There is a buzz in the building today!  Tomorrow we’ll be buzzing at the Rec Center….and all around the 5K route!  See you there!!

For more information, visit the Rockin’Ham 5K website.

A Lamb at School!

Lilah the lamb...

Lilah the lamb…

Miss Linda had a little lamb….  Its fleece was white as snow….  And everywhere that Linda went, the lamb was sure to go.  It followed her to school one day…..

..meets the kindergarteners!

..meets the kindergarteners!

Yes, that’s true!  One day last week, Miss Linda brought her little lamb Lilah to school with her!!!!  The lamb was only a few days old, and her name is Lilah. Lilah’s mom Luna is at Miss Linda’s farm, but her mom doesn’t feed her. Her mom is too young, and Lilah is her first baby.  After Lilah was born, Miss Linda tried to move her to a shed to be warmer. Luna didn’t make the transition well so she rejected her baby.

Lilah is so cute. When she came to Central School, she was only five days old and she was really small.  She lives at Miss Linda’s farm where there are lots of other animals too. There are 5 horses, lots of chickens, 14 ducks, 2 geese, 5 dogs, 3 cats and 1 cockatiel which is a bird. Lilah isn’t the only little lamb though.  She is one of the 13 lambs and 20 sheep at the farm so she isn’t lonely.  Linda bottle feeds four of the lambs, and three of them are triplets.

Central students hope to see Lilah the lamb again some day because she is just so cute and funny!


…has a drink!

...and falls fast asleep!

…and falls fast asleep!

Fourth Grade Wins Golden Shoe!

rsz_2015-04-03_124713by Alex

Extra! Extra!  The fourth graders recently won the Golden Shoe Award!  The Golden Shoe Award is presented to the grade with most walkers on Walk to School Day.  On April 1st, the fourth graders won with 21 students walking!  The Golden Shoe Award is a golden painted shoe on a stand with a plaque saying “This award is given in recognition of walking to school.  Walking is fun, good exercise, and a good way to decrease pollution!”  Congratulations, 4th graders!!


First Grade Trip to Colonial Theater

by Joey


Sabrina’s rendition of Skippyjon Jones!

On March 31st, the first graders went to the Colonial Theater in Keene to watch a play of Skippyjon Jones.  In the play, Skippyjon Jones had to fight a bumblebee that terrorized the chihuahuas. Austin’s favorite part of the play was when Skippyjon was fighting Bumblebee. Tatiana said her favorite part was when the chihuahua shook its tush.  Adam’s favorite parts were when Skippyjon used his imagination.

Career & Sports Day!


A career in horseback riding awaits these two fourth graders!!

by Joey

On Friday, March 27th, Central School celebrated Career/Sports day.  The students dressed in their favorite team’s hat or jersey or showed what they wanted to do when they got older.