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Students Enjoy a Day of Shopping at the CES Mall

By Juan Lopez Cancino

On December 19, the PTCO organized the holiday shopping mall for students at CES.  This tradition started as a way for kids to buy presents for their loved ones in appreciation for all they do.  Kids come at scheduled times to pick out and buy the presents. Volunteers from the community wrap gifts or help students choose items.  Most items cost between 25 cents to a dollar.  A big THANK YOU to our community volunteers and the PTCO for hosting such a spectacular event!

Saxtons River Bell Choir Help Us Ring in the New Year!

By Lola McGinnis


The Saxtons River Bell Ringers have come to town! They performed on December 13th at 1:15 in the gym for the students at CES. They are from the Christ Church in Saxtons River.The Saxtons River bell choir started in  the late 1990’s, when the Church received bells as a memorial gift. With fundraising, they bought more bells and formed a choir. They visited us and played winter songs. The ringers have to wear gloves because the oil in their hands will damage the bells. They love to play music and if you would like hear them perform, they are playing in local area locations during the holiday season.


We Ran Away With the Circus!

by Lola McGinnis

The circus has come to town! Every class worked with Troy Wunderle and Mr.Lawry and had 5 days to practice a skill or two, such as juggling, balancing and using stilts. On Friday at 1:30 we showed everybody in the school what we had learned with a fantastic circus performance.

According to Mr.Lawry, “We do circus because it teaches kids to be brave, to learn new skills, and to teach other kids new skills.”  The students at CES are fortunate to have this  great experience with local circus artist Troy Wunderle by using funds that we raised from our 5K race!

Dare To Care!


On Friday November 16, CES took part in our first cross grade level activity day.  This year’s theme Dare To Care, sets the tone for what activities the students will participate in.  The theme, Dare To Care was created by the staff with the intention of helping students further develop empathy.  The vision is that we as humans need to care for ourselves, our family, our community and the larger community of the earth.  The students and staff really enjoyed being together and participating in activities such as yoga and exercise, making apple crisp to donate to  the community Thanksgiving dinner at the Legion and for our families, and The Dot art project that reminded us that we are all creative beautiful humans!  We spent the afternoon at the Bellows Falls Opera House eating popcorn and watching the feature film, Charlotte’s Web, a story that celebrates kindness and friendship.  Our next Dare To Care day will be Friday December 21.

Bike Week

Did you notice the big trailer in the back playground full of bikes in November? The ever popular Bike Week for third and fourth graders happened and it was of course a success.  Mr. Lawry said “Kids did an excellent job throughout Biking Weeks. Many students learned to ride a bike for the first time!” During Bike Week, students not only learn to ride a bike, but also, they learn about bike safety, biking rules of the road and the importance of wearing a helmet.  Even though the weather did not cooperate as much as we would have liked Bike Week was a big hit!

What Do You Want to Make?

By Delaney Stoodley

At CES kids K-4 are making stuff.  What kinds of things are they making? Where are they doing it? This year in the library, during recess, students are invited to come and use the makerspace.  A makerspace is a place where anyone can make, create, design, imagine and problem solve.  We have made airplanes, hoop gliders and cardboard arcade games.  The whole reason to have a makerspace is to encourage students to explore and create.

According to Ms.Hauser, “We have the space because we want kids to have the freedom to explore their creativity and the act of making.  These skills build upon other skills like the design process. The design process is what engineers use when developing a new product or trying to solve a problem. Engineers look to create, modify and reflect until they come to a solution that make sense.  It is about perseverance, it is about critical thinking.”

Students will use tools like recyclables, plastic, computers, cameras, iPads, circuits Legos, robotics and  much more.  If you would like to donate recyclables, Legos, tools (hammers, screwdrivers, drills ect.), material, sewing tools or just money to further the project please contact Ms.Hauser via email:

Meeting with Authors and Illustrators!

CES students have had the pleasure of hearing some local illustrators/authors speak.    Just this Friday, November 2, the whole school was treated to a visit from John Steven Gurney, local illustrator of over 125 children’s books and a published author as well.  He shared with us his story of how he became an illustrator and explained some the methods he used to produce his work.  He even demonstrated his talent!  Mr.Gurney was at school representing the CLiF ( Children’s Literacy Foundation) grant.  The Year of the Book grant was awarded to the Rockingham Public Library and Central School benefits from this grant by being the elementary school in town.  The school library received $250 worth of brand new books and two author/illustrator visit.  In the spring, we will have another visit and students will receive a new book to take home! We would like to thank the CLiF group and the Rockingham Library for this wonderful opportunity.  We would also like to thank Mr. Gurney for an outstanding and entertaining talk and his donation of his graphic novel, Fuzzy Baseball to our school library.

The third and fourth grade students were also able to attend the student portion of the Brattleboro Literary Festival, featuring illustrator/author, Jarett Kroszcka at the Latchis Theater in Brattleboro.   Similar to Mr.Gurney, Kroszcka spoke about how he became an illustrator/author.  We were able to see some of his early work and his process for creating new characters through illustration and writing.  He also dazzled us with his talent by drawing for us with a light saber!  Central students are most familiar with Krozcka’s  Lunch Lady graphic novel series.


Story Walk to School

On Wednesday October 10, CES students and staff had their first walk to school day.  The morning was cool and the walk was refreshing.  Something new this year was the story walk.  A story walk is when a book is broken apart and posted in sections, while the student’s walk, they follow the story.  The story for this month’s walk was called I Ate My Friend by Heidi McKinnon.  103 students showed up to walk!  We are hoping for an even bigger turnout next time.  Next Walk to School Day will take to place on Wednesday, November 7 and it will also include a story walk.

Delicious and Nutritious Lunch Food!

By Jade Jones

Photo by Carter Tuttle

There is a new lunch program at CES this year.  The program is including more local, homemade food on it’s menu.  If you don’t want hot lunch, this we have a fresh salad bar. Students can make their own custom salad.  It is delicious and nutritious. We also have a new lunch service provider, named Miss Denise. Fourth grader, Erin Milliken say “ The food is delicious! It’s homemade so it’s better than processed food. My favorite is the chicken nuggets.”

“The hot dogs taste just like my mom’s!” says Delaney Stoodley.  In my opinion, the pizza and all the food is delicious. Student’s can sign up for a lunch account.  Lunch costs 2.91 for students and 4.99 for adults.


The Back Playground gets a New Look

By : Delaney Stoodley


The staff at CES added something nice out in the back playground.  Some of the teachers spent their summer painting a four square court, hopscotch, bowling and tic-tac- toe.  They also added a sandbox! The students give a big thank you to everyone who worked hard to make the back playground so much fun! Have a good time out back!