• Year of the Book Kick-Off! Year of the Book Kick-Off!
  • Our first book giveaway!! Our first book giveaway!!
  • Enjoying our new books! Enjoying our new books!
  • A rapt audience! A rapt audience!
  • Duncan tells a tale! Duncan tells a tale!
  • My new books! My new books!
  • My new books! My new books!
  • My new books! My new books!
  • Loving my new book! Loving my new book!
  • Look at that cool creature! Look at that cool creature!

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CLiF Book Giveaway #2!

rsz_2015-09-24_081455by Noble

On Thursday morning, September 24th, Central School students participated in their second CLiF book giveaway as part of the Year of the Book!  Each class came to the library, and each student got to choose one new book from the tables full of hundreds of books.

Students also got to take home their new bookshelves which they put together in Physical Education class and decorated in Art class. Mr. Lawry and Mr. Nemlich branded the bookshelves with a label that says “Year of the Book – Central Elementary – 2015-2016.”  All those new books will now have a nice bookshelf!

rsz_2015-09-24_085737 rsz_2015-09-24_100341 rsz_2015-09-24_144048

Harlem Wizards Slam Dunk Central!!


Smooth Robert Young

by Jesse and Elliot

On September 24, 2015, the Harlem Wizards came to rock CES in the school gym! The Harlem Wizards are a show basketball team created in 1962 that travels around the world for entertainment. Smooth Robert Young came to Central to get students excited to go to the game that night. Smooth is 6 feet 4 inches tall and lives in the Bronx, NY.

rsz_2015-09-24_094234He brought two kids up on to the stage. Their names are Jaxon and Hadley. Jaxon and Hadley had to do tricks and shoot baskets. Jaxon and Hadley each got a free ticket to the game at the high school that night.

Jaxon and Hadley were super nervous to go up in front of the whole school. Jaxon’s favorite thing he did was bounce the ball off his butt. Hadley’s favorite part was shooting the basketball into the hoop and getting a ticket.

Smooth Robert Young told us that the WNESU teachers were going to get dunked on that night at the high school. Five teachers from Central School played in the game! Mrs.Rawling, Mrs.Illingworth, Mr.Smith, Mr.Lawry and Mr.Nemlich all played in the game at night!

rsz_2015-09-24_095018 rsz_2015-09-24_094629rsz_2015-09-24_094345

4th Grade Seven Habits Presentation

by Noble, Sadie, Sage, Jesse, Emma, Elliot, and Tyson

Mrs. Harlow’s fourth grade class led the school in a Family Feud-style game show review of the Seven Habits of Happy Children in the gym during Monday Morning Meeting on September 21st.  The fourth graders would ask a question about one of the habits, and the audience would have to guess one of the top five answers.  If the audience got it right, Mrs. Harlow would ding her chime three times!  Sometimes the audience got it right, and sometimes they got it wrong.  The Seven Habits are (1) Be proactive, (2) Begin with the end in mind, (3) Put first things first, (4) Think win-win, (5) Seek first to understand and then to be understood, (6) Synergize, and (7) Sharpen the Saw.  The game was a fun way for everyone to review the Seven Habits!

Central School to Celebrate “The Year of the Book”!


Choosing books to KEEP will be a big part of the Year of the Book!!

The Children’s Literacy Foundation has awarded a “Year of the Book” grant to Central School!!  This grant brings with it many exciting opportunities for our school, students, and community!  Stay tuned to our calendar of events for all YOB events, and keep track of what’s happening by following our Year of the Book blog at http://cesyearofthebook.blogspot.com/.  First up will be our kick-off event on Friday, August 28th!!

It’s Back to School We Go!

rsz_2015-08-25_141302The floors are waxed, the bulletin boards are decorated, labels are on cubbies and tables and chairs, and the teachers are READY!!  How about you??  School begins Wednesday morning, August 26th, at 8:00 AM!!  We can’t wait to see you all!

Do you notice the CLiF Year of the Book banner?  (How could you miss it?!)  That’s right, it’s the YEAR of the BOOK!!  We will kick off our year-long celebration of literacy with  storyteller Duncan McDougall, who also happens to be the Executive Director of the Children’s Literacy Foundation (CLiF for short).  Duncan will join us on Friday morning, August 28th, for storytelling sessions followed by the first book choice opportunity for CES students!  Each student will get to choose two brand new books to take home and keep!  We can hardly wait for the fun to begin!!

Farewell to Our Fourth Graders!

rsz_2015-06-12_144621Central School said good-bye to the fourth graders with a Friday afternoon ceremony on June 12th.  A slideshow of memories was shown, followed by remarks from Mr. Nemlich, the presentation of flowers by the 3rd graders, and the singing of “Make New Friends” and “This Pretty Planet” (in honor of retiring 4th grade teacher Mrs. Harty).  Then students and staff proceeded through the line of 4th graders, offering handshakes and hugs and hearty good wishes!

rsz_2015-06-12_143422 rsz_2015-06-12_143333

Field Trip Round-Up!

rsz_2015-05-19_112534Kindergarten Visits a Farm

by Skyler

On Tuesday, May 19th, the kindergarteners traveled by bus to East Hill Farm in Troy, New Hampshire.  When they got there, they enjoyed all sorts of farm activities, including riding a pony; milking a cow and a goat; feeding sheep, goats, and chickens; jumping in the hay mow; and eating a pizza and lemonade lunch!



Second Grade Visits New England Aquarium

On Friday, May 22nd, second graders traveled to Boston, Massachusetts, to visit the New England Aquarium!  They saw sea turtles, penguins, manta rays, sharks, and lots of other sea life. They also got to ride in a bus that had a bathroom in it!!



Fourth Grade Visits Nature Museumrsz_img_9466

by Layla

CES 4th graders went to The Nature Museum in Grafton for a field trip Thursday, May 21st to study pond life.  They walked to a vernal pool, which is a pond that is created in the spring by melting snow and then dries up in the summer.  However, this vernal pool does not generally dry up.  The students enjoyed scooping pond water into buckets and examining it.  They also used nets to scoop up tadpoles, frogs, salamanders, and salamander eggs.  Dagin caught a really big beetle that was called a giant beetle!

Fourth Grade Visits Calvin Coolidge Homestead

by Kodien

On Tuesday, June 2nd, CES 4th graders went to the Calvin Coolidge Homestead in Plymouth, Vermont.  They saw the birthplace of Calvin Coolidge, who was the 30th President of the United States.  They also saw lots of old-fashioned things, like an olden car, old tools, horse equipment, and a roller that would have been pulled by horses to flatten the snow down.  The reason that they made the roller push down the snow was so the horse sleds could go easily on the roads.  Also the person that drove it had to be careful to not fall off or else they would get flattened.  Another popular part of the field trip was seeing cheese being made and getting to taste the cheese!

First Grade Travels to Montshire Museum

On Friday, June 5th, the first grade classes traveled to the Montshire Museum for a day of exploration and fun!

Upcoming Field Trips

On Monday, June 8th, third graders will be taking a field trip to Billings Farm.  They leave by 8:00 and return by 2:30.

On Wednesday, June 10th, fourth graders will take a field trip to the Bellows Falls Recreation Center for the end of the year celebration.  They are doing this special event because this is their last year here at CES.  They will leave at 10:00 and return by 2:30.

DCF Book Celebration!

rsz_2015-05-29_121410by Alyssa

Seven fourth graders have been selected to participate in the DCF celebration on June 8th.  In order to be selected, the fourth graders that read 5 or more DCF books wrote a letter to Mrs. Kane.  Mr. Nemlich and Mrs. Durand chose seven students that wrote excellent letters.  Those people were Grace, Tyler, Alyssa, Emma, Julianna, Ella, and Ashlin.  The letters were about why they think they should go on the trip and about reading.  On this trip they will have lunch at Subway, then walk to a bookstore called the Village Square Booksellers, and then walk to Dari Joy to have an ice cream.  Congratulations to all our DCF readers!!

Opera North Performs “Little Red Riding Hood”


The Big Bad Wolf (with Grandma’s nightcap on) tries to fool Little Red Riding Hood!

by Jakobie

Opera North came to CES and showed us their way of Little Red Riding Hood, and it was very fun and funny! The wolf and Little Red Riding Hood met while she was going to her grandma’s house because Grandma was sick, and the big bad wolf went to the grandma’s house and almost ate her but she hid. When LIttle Red Riding Hood got there the wolf played as the grandma.  The wolf doesn’t like to hear about sweets, and the grandma and Little Red sang about sweets, and the wolf ran out!   The woodsman skinned the wolf and gave the hide to the grandma.  Patrick Mcnally from Boston played as the wolf and the woodsmen. Sarah Nordin from New York City played as the mother and the grandam, and Hannah Dillon from Michigan played Little Red Riding Hood. Eliza Thomas was the accompanist who played the music on the keyboard.  The students at Central School loved the opera!!

CES Volunteers Honored!

Mr. Nemlich presents the Layperson Award to Buck Adams!

Mr. Nemlich presents the Layperson Award to Buck Adams!

At Monday Morning Meeting on June 1st, Central School recognized and thanked the many volunteers who help to make CES run so well!  In addition, Buck Adams was honored as the Layperson of the Year for his numerous contributions to the school.  Thank you to all!