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  • Pizza & Play! Pizza & Play!
  • Pizza & Play! Pizza & Play!
  • Pizza & Play! Pizza & Play!
  • Pizza & Play! Pizza & Play!
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  • Pizza & Play! Pizza & Play!
  • Pizza & Play! Pizza & Play!
  • Pizza & Play! Pizza & Play!

Website articles are written by Central School Fourth Graders. Previous articles can be accessed from the older post link on the bottom left.

Hike for Hunger!

rsz_2015-10-11_090641by Ariana

Central School students and staff collected food and personal care items for Our Place and then, on the afternoon of October 24th, CES students hiked to Our Place to deliver the food.  Nurse Anita organized the Hike for Hunger, and she said, “The hope is to build a greater sense of community as we help our neighbors, to foster a feeling of individual pride, and to have fun while walking for our own health and wellness.”

Hide-and-Seek Humphrey!

Humphrey and his cage in the CES library!

Humphrey back in the library where he belongs!

By Emma K.

At CES, students and teachers are on the second week of reading The World According to Humphrey, and that friendly hamster is getting into some trouble.

On Thursday, October 13th, Humphrey got into his hamster ball and rolled himself into Mr. Lawry’s soccer ball cart, thinking he was a soccer ball! Mrs. Hearne’s class brought him back to his rightful home in the library with Mrs. Spurlock.

On Friday, October 15th, Humphrey was hanging out with Mr. Sully in his front pocket. A couple of fourth grade girls from Mrs. Kamel’s class returned him on Friday.

Keep your eyes open for Humphrey, everyone!

KinderRoo is Back!!

By Riley and Emma M.rsz_1img_4625

KinderRoo is back! She is here at Central School to help teach kindergarten their letters.

Naughty KinderRoo has been coming to Central School for fifteen years. Mrs. Rawling is “excited’’ and Mrs. Pickering is ’’a little concerned’’ to have KinderRoo back.  Brady thinks KinderRoo is going to leave oatmeal on the floor, and Molly thinks KinderRoo will put glue on the floor!

All the kindergarteners are a little worried and excited at the same time to see KinderRoo back again!

Fire Safety and Prevention

dsc05093jpgBy Robert and Dillan

Central School students marked Fire Prevention Week on October 13th with a visit from Bellows Falls Fire Chief Steve Cenate and firefighter Jon Bebey.  Firefighter Bebey put on his firefighting gear to show the students how quickly he could put on all that heavy clothing and equipment!  The students watched a video which showed them how smoke moves, how to prevent fires, and how to get safely away from a fire.

85 Walkers Participate in October Walk-to-School!

img_4683jpgBy Justin

The first Walk-to-School for 2016-17 was held on Wednesday, October 5th. Eighty-five CES students gathered at Hetty Green Park at 7:25 AM to walk to school!  Mrs. Kane’s class had the highest percentage of students walking with 67%, so they won the Golden Shoe Award.  img_4706jpgIn second place was Mrs. Pickering’s class with 63%, and both third grade classes tied for third place with 60% of their students walking. The next Walk-to-School will be on Wednesday, November 6th at the Rec Center.

The World According to Humphrey

Humphrey and his cage in the CES library!

Humphrey and his cage in the CES library!

By Emma K.

On October 3rd, everyone will get a copy of this year’s book for the One School One Book program! The book is called The World According to Humphrey.

Students and their families will start reading the book on October 3rd and will continue for three weeks. The teachers will read to their students each day, but students will need to read with their families at home in order to know the trivia answers each morning!  Staff and students will also be doing a lot of extra Humphrey things on Monday Morning Meetings.

“This is a adorable book about a delightful and wise hamster that kids will love reading with their families,” Mrs. Durand said.

Fourth grader Abbie N. will be reading ahead and planning the trivia questions with Mrs. Spurlock.

The World According to Humphrey is a very funny, heartwarming, and cute book that everyone will love,” Mrs. Spurlock said.

“We hope that everyone will enjoy reading about Humphrey!” said Mrs. Durand.

Pumpkin Patch Trip!

pumpkin-patchby Aubrey

In September, the CES first graders went on a field trip to Green Mountain Orchards in Putney, VT.  Each first grader picked out a pumpkin and enjoyed a snack of cider donuts and cider!  Back at school, the students did some activities with their pumpkins before painting them and taking them home.  The first graders had fun picking pumpkins and painting them!

Meet Nurse Jen!

dsc05027jpgBy Hadley

On Wednesday, August 31st, CES students welcomed the school’s new part-time Nurse Jennifer Burke. Nurse Jen worked at the Westminster Center School and Leland and Gray High School before coming to CES.  She has also worked at a hospital, where she helped deliver babies!  She has two sons: Brody who is 17 and Jack who is 13.  She has also been married for 19 years.  CES students and staff are happy to have Nurse Jen at our school!

Meet Mr. Lawry and Mrs. Spurlock

rsz_img_4623By Pablo

Mr. Lawry has been teaching P.E. here at CES for 13 years, and Mrs. Spurlock is our brand new librarian.

Mr. Lawry likes kids and physical activities!  Two things that he really enjoys helping kids learn are biking and skiing.

rsz_img_4606Mrs. Spurlock moved to Bellows Falls from Georgia where she worked as a school librarian.  She loves helping kids become excited about books!  She likes being a librarian and says that she learns something new every single day.

All of the students and staff are lucky to have these two people at CES!

Town Hall Visit

clocktowerBy Robert and Dillan

Central School third graders walked down to the Rockingham Town Hall on Thursday, September 22,  2016.  The trip was part of their Social Studies unit about local government. They met the town manager Chip Stearns and learned what he does in his job. They toured the town hall, went into the theater, and they even visited the boiler room. They saw the town offices and learned about what people do in each office.

Mrs. Green reported that the third graders represented our school very well, and they were safe, respectful, and responsible.