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4th graders Visit Middle School

  By Lilyth Joy

On June 1, 2018, the 4th graders of Central Elementary School are going on a tour of the Bellows Falls Middle School, so they can prepare for 5th Grade.  We will walk as a class to the middle school. The principal of the middle school, along with students, who used to be at Central, are going to be a part of the tour.  Fourth graders  will meet some of the teachers. The visit will help the 4th graders be able to navigate the school better when they go into 5th Grade. The tour will take place during school.

Jump For A Healthy Heart

By Jayana Newhall

Do you know what Jump Rope for Heart is? Well, I will tell you. It has been a tradition at CES for students to participate in this amazing fundraiser for the American Heart Association.  Students will be participating in the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser on Thursday, May 24 from 3-4 p.m. in the gym. The money raised by CES students’ pledges go to help people who have serious heart conditions. Students that are participating are practicing one of our Healthy Habits called WIN-WIN, because you get to exercise, have fun and, most importantly, help people with serious heart problems.  I hope you will make a pledge to the American Heart Association.

And The Winner Is…

By Joaquin Martinez

AND the winner is… Frankencrayon.  Frankencrayon was the Red Clover Book winner for Vermont, but We All Saw A Cat was the winner for Central Elementary School students.

Every elementary student in Vermont,  from K-4,  voted for their favorite book on the Red Clover list.  The way the books are chosen for the Red Clover list is a committee of teachers and librarians from all over the state read hundreds of high quality picture books and narrow their list down to TEN. The students read the Red Clover Books with their librarians.  When they finish reading all the books the students voted for the one they liked best. The students usually vote for the books in early April every year.

Frankencrayon Performance

By Lilyth Joy



On Monday, May 14th at CES, the first graders performed a skit based on the book Frankencrayon. This book was selected as a Red Clover book by the students in Vermont.  It was a funny performance and the audience enjoyed it. The first grade teachers did a great job putting it together for the school and the first graders worked very hard to make it for us too!

CES Students Place Flags

By Reed Hill

A selected group of 4th grade students will be placing flags on Veteran’s graves at Oak Hill Cemetery.  They will be walking with Mrs. Steuwe and another adult on Wednesday May 16, 2018, unless it rains then it will be Friday.  The students have been doing it for 20 years with Mrs. Steuwe.

The students place about 100 flags every year in the brass holders next to the veterans’ graves.  It is a privilege for CES students to participate in the placing of the American flag to honor veterans who served to protect our country.


Picking Up Litter

By Cameron Guetti

All first graders and some third graders picked up litter around the school in honor of Green Up Day.  Green Up Day was started by Vermont Governor Deane Davis in 1970. Green Up Day is the first Saturday in May.  Its main goal is to have everyone volunteer time to keep Vermont clean. Both classes filled up two or three bages to the brim.  We at CES really appreciate all their hard work these students!




By Jayana Newhall

Ms. Attig was a student teacher at Central Elementary School in Mrs.Kane’s  4th grade. She is a student from Castleton University in Rutland Vermont, and wants someday be a classroom teacher. Two of her favorite things are poetry and art. We really enjoyed having in her in our classroom.  One cool activity Ms. Attig did with us was making puppets and collaging our scenery for the puppets show. Ms. Attig ended up in Mrs.Kane’s room because Mr.Nemlich thought they would work well together and Ms.Attig would have a good experience with the students in the class.  

Myleigh Illingworth in Mrs. Kane’s fourth grade class said, “When she was teaching it was like she was a real teacher, not one just learning.”  

Tatiana Charon said “She is funny, and she made Science fun!”

We wish Ms. Attig well.  She is graduating this spring and will be looking for a job in the teaching field.  Whatever class gets her as a teacher will be lucky!

Memorial Day

By Myleigh Illingworth

Memorial Day is a federal holiday and is observed on the last Monday in May. It was also called Decoration Day.  On Memorial Day people place flowers on the graves of relatives and flags on the graves of soldiers who died in any war. In Bellows Falls the Middle School Band marches and plays at the Memorial Day ceremony.  So if you have never been you should go down to the Waypoint Center at 10am to listen to the band and speeches.

Remembering Mr. Stanley Rumrill

By Lilyth Joy



Mr. Stanley Rumrill was a World War ll vet and a member of the American Legion here in Bellows Falls, Vermont.  Sadly, he passed away last year. We are writing about him because of his involvement with students in the placing of flags at the Oak Hill Cemetery.  He also joined us for many of our Memorial Day programs at Central School for over 20 years. This year, as 4th grade students place the flags at Oak Hill Cemetery, we will be remembering his kindness and support for us at Central School.

Parent Workshop at CES

by Logan Jackson

On Wednesday,May 9, 2018, at 6:00 PM parents will have a opportunity to view Lynn Lyons’ DVD “Decreasing Anxiety: How To Talk To Your Anxious Child.”   Parents will have time to ask questions and discuss the DVD. Mr.Bill Scarlett, School Counselor, will facilitate the discussion.