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CES Animal Projects at Herrick’s Cove

By Cadance James

Have you ever attended the Wildlife Festival at Herrick’s Cove?  The Herrick’s Cove Festival takes place every year on the first Sunday in May.  This year the festival will be on May 6, 2018, from 10:00 am to 4 pm. Herrick’s Cove is located off Route 5, less than three miles north of Bellows Falls.


Be sure to attend this year, because CES fourth graders will be presenting their fabulous animal projects.  Also, museum staff, members and community members will be there to teach people about animals in our area. There will be live animals such as owls, wolves, turtles and snakes.  This gives a chance for people to experience these animals in real life, and even perhaps you will have a chance to hold one of them! There are nature trails to hike, opportunities to watch demonstrations, and to attend workshops at this festival  too. Come join in the fun and see all the hard work the CES fourth grades have been doing!

Sing in Spring!

By Addison Terry

On May 2, 2018, at 6:30 PM, CES will sing and perform at their spring concert!  It will be held in the Bellows Falls Union High School auditorium. Throughout the year in music class Mrs. Daigneault has been preparing CES students, so their melodious voices will fill the auditorium with sweet sound in the concert.

Please remember Mrs. Daigneault and students work hard all year to prepare for the concert, so make sure your child attends!  Students and family members will not be allowed into the auditorium until 6:10 pm. The concert will start at 6:30 pm.


The Fantastic Mr.Fox

By Jasmine Perry-Ives & Xander Montford

On Friday, April 13, Mrs. Stagg’s WIN group put on a skit based on a few chapters from the  book, The Fantastic Mr. Fox  by Roald Dahl.  After many practices the following students: Jasmine Perry-Ives, Tatiana Charon, Cameron Guetti, Myleigh Illingworth, Madysin Howarth, Ben Valentine, Anthony Marquise, Beth Lin, Loralei Hill, Austin Bebey, Jarrick LaFleur-Brough performed two performances in the library for students and staff.  The first performance was at 9:45 am for the Kindergarteners and Second graders. The second performance was at 12:45 pm for First, Third and Fourth graders. Everyone in school seemed to enjoy the performance. There was suspense, laughter and cliffhanger at the end.

Cadance James, a student actress herself, loved the show. “My favorite part was when Bunce hit Bean and Boggis on the head with his hat.”

Addison Terry says, “ I liked it when Bunce ate a donut, Boggis was gnawing on a chicken bone and Bean was chugging cider!”

Jasmine Perry-Ives, as Bunce the actor tells us, “ It was fun to see the audience laugh and I was  embarrassed!” Other performances that stood out were Myleigh as a sly Mr. Fox and Tatianna as his worried wife. The cast was rounded out by the narrators Ben Valentine and Anthony Marquise.   The performers worked hard and left the audience very satisfied- even though it was a cliffhanger!

Walk to School

By: Ashlin Williams

Just a reminder!  Walk to School will be happening on Wednesday May 2, 2018.  All students are welcome and encouraged to meet at Hetty Green Park at 7:25.  A great way to start your day is with a healthy physical activity. Who will win the golden shoe??


How to Prepare Your Student for SBAC Testing

By: Ashlin Williams


Just a reminder, third & fourth grade students will be SBAC testing this Wednesday and  Thursday morning. Parents should encourage students to do their best on the test. A few ways to help your child is to make sure students get a good night sleep, eat a nutritious breakfast, and arrive to school  on time.



By Xander Montford

Do not forget that spring vacation is next week!  Let’s hope that it is warm and sunny all week, so kids can get outside to play and get exercise.  Don’t forget to include some reading, drawing, some family fun and limit the video games. Be sure to get plenty of rest on spring vacation.  ENJOY!!!


By Xander Montford


On Wednesday, April 11, 2018 LifeTouch will be at Central School to take spring pictures. Every student in the school will have their picture taken.  The photographer will set up in the music room. It is not necessary for parents and guardians to send in money on April 11th. Once you receive your child’s pictures and decide to keep them is when you submit the money.  If you do NOT want to keep the pictures, you MUST RETURN them school.


If The Shoe Fits Let’s Tie It

By Addison Terry and Cadance James

 Some of the fourth graders helped the first graders learn to tie their shoes in January 2018.  Students for one week  helped with Mrs.I’s first grade classroom.   The fourth graders got this job by being able to tie thier own shoes and then we were picked by the luck of the draw.  There were even some first graders that learned to tie their own shoes!!

Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration

By Xander Montford

Do you have or know any child in Rockingham that will be five years old by September 1, 2018? Central Elementary School is now registering Kindergarten aged children for the 2018-2019 school year.  You can pick up the form at CES or call the office. Once the form is returned, the office will schedule a visiting day for the incoming student and will notify you of  your appointment by mail. Forms are due in the office by April 6. Please spread the word to friends and family! Let them know that CES is an awesome place to be!


5K Training With The Thunder Chickens

By Addison Terry, Cadance James and Jasmine Perry-Ives

If you saw a large group of students and adults running on the Walpole Common, it was CES runners and Thunder Chickens training for the Rockin’ Ham 5K.  The CES runners met the Thunder Chickens at the Walpole Common for their joint training session on March 26th. CES students got on the bus around 3:00 pm to meet the Thunder Chickens.

Did you know that four loops around the Walpole Common equals one mile? Everytime a student ran a loop they received a stick.  Runners traded four sticks for a plastic foot charm. Some runners got one foot, others got two feet, some got three feet, and a few got four feet.  One incredible runner got eight feet which means he ran eight miles. We had a lot of fun running with  our friendly competitors The Thunder Chickens!!!

When the Thunder Chickens arrive, to participate in the Rockin’ Ham 5K,  CES will welcome them with a friendly chicken dance.  Don’t forget to register.  It is going to be a snorting good time!