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The Montshire Museum

By Myleigh Illingworth

The Montshire Museum is the first grade trip on June 1, 2018. If you are a first grader, then you are going to have lots of fun at this amazing Museum. This is not a boring museum, this is a fun Museum. There is a gift shop, bubbles, dinosaur bones and a lot of stuff to play with and to feel. There hiking trails through the woods and along the Connecticut River. Outside, there is a science park where you can experiment with water and sound. You are going to learn so much!

The Montshire Museum is in Norwich,Vermont and has over 150 exhibits. It started in 1974 by a group of teachers. Montshire got its name from the last syllables of the two states that would visit the museum the most- Vermont and New Hampshire.

Something New on the Playground?

By Logan Jackson

Have you noticed the new circular bench on our back playground?  The bench was placed to protect the maple tree’s roots. Over the years the roots of the tree have become exposed which is not good for the tree.  Please remember to keep your feet on the outside of the bench. Also, please do not stand on the bench, swing on the tree’s branches or climb on the tree.  Please help us keep this tree healthy, so it will be around for many years!

Music, Music ,Music

By Joaquin Martinez

On Tuesday, May 22 in the music room, all fourth graders got to meet with Mr. Stanley Rumrill. Mr. Stanley Rumrill is the band director at Bellows Falls Middle School. He showed us different instruments like the clarinet, flute, trombone, and others so we could see some of the instruments that will be available to us when we enter 5th grade. Mr. Rumrill handed out sign up sheets for 4th graders to join the band when they go to  Middle School. Mr. Rumrill offers lessons over the summer as well as during the school day.  If you are a 4th grader at CES, make sure to sign up to join the band!

Herrick’s Cove

By Tatiana Charon

On May 6th, 4th graders from Mrs Kane’s and Mrs. Kamel’s class presented their Vermont animal reports.  They did it at the annual Wildlife Festival at Herricks Cove in Rockingham. The students came at different times to stand by their presentation boards and answered any questions that the public had for them.  The students enjoyed it and even got to see some of the other events. Some of the students even got to see the animals they did a report on!  All the students had so much fun, they hope that future 4th graders will get to do their presentation next year at Herrick’s Cove.  As one of the students who participated, I loved it!.

The Boston Trip

By Tatiana Charon

Have you ever been to the Boston Aquarium? Well, if you are in second grade then get excited, because this Friday, May 25 you are going to the Boston Aquarium! When you first arrive you will see the IMAX Movie Theatre to your right and a very large seal tank on your left.  First, your teacher will give your name tag to you, and then you will go to your assigned group. After you check in with your group leader you will tour the aquarium. REMEMBER to stay with your group.  Students will leave school at 7:30 and will travel by coach bus.

When I went as a second grader sitting outside and eating lunch with Jayana was one of my favorite parts.

Jayana said, “the sting rays and squids were her favorite part.”


The Walk to School Challenge

By  Cameron Guetti

All year Mr. Lawry has challenged classes to participate in the Walk to School Program.   The class with the most participation would win the Golden Shoe Award for the month. The class that wins gets to keep the award in their room for the month.

For our last walk to school day, Mr Lawry wants 15 students from each class to come.  We all meet at the Hetty Green Park at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, June 6, and then everyone will walk with their class back to school.  If 15 students from each of the classes participate, this would 120% school wide participation. This would be a first for our school!  Mrs Kane’s class was the first class to get 100% participation last time. I’m hoping all classes will come to the last walk to school, so there will be new school record!!!



4th graders Visit Middle School

  By Lilyth Joy

On June 1, 2018, the 4th graders of Central Elementary School are going on a tour of the Bellows Falls Middle School, so they can prepare for 5th Grade.  We will walk as a class to the middle school. The principal of the middle school, along with students, who used to be at Central, are going to be a part of the tour.  Fourth graders  will meet some of the teachers. The visit will help the 4th graders be able to navigate the school better when they go into 5th Grade. The tour will take place during school.

Jump For A Healthy Heart

By Jayana Newhall

Do you know what Jump Rope for Heart is? Well, I will tell you. It has been a tradition at CES for students to participate in this amazing fundraiser for the American Heart Association.  Students will be participating in the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser on Thursday, May 24 from 3-4 p.m. in the gym. The money raised by CES students’ pledges go to help people who have serious heart conditions. Students that are participating are practicing one of our Healthy Habits called WIN-WIN, because you get to exercise, have fun and, most importantly, help people with serious heart problems.  I hope you will make a pledge to the American Heart Association.

And The Winner Is…

By Joaquin Martinez

AND the winner is… Frankencrayon.  Frankencrayon was the Red Clover Book winner for Vermont, but We All Saw A Cat was the winner for Central Elementary School students.

Every elementary student in Vermont,  from K-4,  voted for their favorite book on the Red Clover list.  The way the books are chosen for the Red Clover list is a committee of teachers and librarians from all over the state read hundreds of high quality picture books and narrow their list down to TEN. The students read the Red Clover Books with their librarians.  When they finish reading all the books the students voted for the one they liked best. The students usually vote for the books in early April every year.

Frankencrayon Performance

By Lilyth Joy



On Monday, May 14th at CES, the first graders performed a skit based on the book Frankencrayon. This book was selected as a Red Clover book by the students in Vermont.  It was a funny performance and the audience enjoyed it. The first grade teachers did a great job putting it together for the school and the first graders worked very hard to make it for us too!