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Nim’s Island Theme Day

By Sabrina Ladd

Do you remember theme day? What was your favorite part of theme day? Theme day was held on Tuesday, November 21st.  Do you know our theme for the year is STEAM, that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

The students were split into certain groups for their theme activities. The groups were Cars, Washing Machines, Cameras, Printers, Steam Engines, Computers, Telephones, Light Bulbs,and Microwaves.

Do you know why we did this?  We did this because the whole school had just finished the all school book Nim’s Island.

The students’ activities were based on the book, Nim’s Island.  The activities we did were sea turtle mosaics because of the turtle called Chica, tin foil boat making because of the Nim’s father’s boat, and paper and straw gliders because of Alex Rover’s helicopter and Nim’s zipline.   Alex Cote said “I liked building the tin foil boats and testing them on the water.”

At 12:15 the entire school walked down to the BF Opera House to watch Nim’s Island. The entire school enjoyed a nice warm buttery popcorn and ice cold water.

Quote from Henry “I was excited only for the popcorn.”

Second Graders Thanksgiving

By Henry Langkowski

Did you hear all the commotion in Mrs. Verespy’s 2nd grade? The cause of that excited noise was because on Friday, November 17, 2017, the second graders had their 2017 Thanksgiving Feast. They have had lots of fun! They also had an extra play time between the feast and dessert.

“I think this is very fun, and I think it is cool,” said Saul James from Mrs. Verespy’s 2nd grade.  I think that most of the second graders agreed with him! They ate many different types of food such as vegetables, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and, of course, the best part of any meal, dessert! This delicious meal was made by Mr. Verespy and Mrs. Verespy’s second graders and was enjoyed by everyone in the classroom!

That Monday, they had their own Thanksgiving presentation at Monday Morning Meeting about how the Wampanoag helped the Pilgrims  hunt, farm, and many other things. They had even made an enormous Mayflower model! The entire school enjoyed the presentation very much!!


CES Jobs Are Awesome!

By Anthony Marquise


Who can apply for the CES jobs?  During an interview with Mr. Nemlich he explained how students apply for the jobs, what kind of jobs are available, and why students want to do these jobs.  Every student in CES can apply for a job.  There are many kinds of jobs available students can do to help the school.  Students can apply for the following positions:  scuff buster  getting rid of scratches on the floor in the hallway with sticks and tennis balls, floor cleaner   sweeping and mopping the food area, after lunch, table cleaner, helping clean the gym tables after breakfast and lunch, book cart, taking  the cart to library class, iPad helper, help Ms. Hauser with putting iPads away, and morning announcer,  going on the phone in the morning and announcing the day.

A student applies for a job and then gets  it for 6-10 weeks. Cleaning jobs are 6 weeks, iPad helper and morning announcer are 8 weeks. Kids apply for these jobs because the want to help the school. Adults cannot do all the jobs. So kids see that the jobs are a help. So kids will want to do the jobs.

Mr. Nemlich came up with this idea when he visited a school in New Hampshire. He saw the kids doing the jobs and thought it would be fun for CES.


Pickering Mystery?!

By Adam Augustinowicz

Have you noticed where Mrs. Pickering went?  Did she disappear?  I don’t think so.  She started teaching kindergarten in CES in 1988.  This year Mrs. Pickering replaced Mrs. Durand as the Reading Specialist.   She says that, “The hardest transition is not teaching kindergartners and not being part of their school life.”

Mrs.Pickering wanted this job because she said it would be a good challenge.  Her most common work spot is the Reading Room.  She compares this job to her kindergarten job by saying she still gets to help students and teachers.  Hopefully you love Mrs.Pickering as much as we do after reading this.

This is Nim’s Island Theme Day Report!!

By Alex Cote

Something exciting is happening on Tuesday, November 21 2017!  It is Nim’s Island Theme day! You may be wondering, what is Nim’s Island theme day? You will find out! All the staff have planned this amazing thing at the Bellows Falls CES school. They like to watch all the kids have a fun day of creating and learning. We are also going to have a movie at the end of the day. The day is what we call our STEAM day. STEAM Stands for science, technology, electronics, art and math. A lot of teachers work very hard to plan all the activities for the children and teachers to have fun all day! Stay tuned for pictures!

Hike For Hunger Part 2!

By Cayden Gay pictures by Liam Taylor and Kiera Bathrick


Our Hike for Hunger outing was a success!  We all carried a nonperishable food item  and we brought them to Our Place  a community organization.  Kiera Bathrick and Liam Taylor took a lot of great pictures on the side. We all gave at least  two cans each. Our donations were greatly appreciated, THANK YOU EVERYONE!


Third Grade Dictionaries

By Raven Stanley

The organization who gave the third graders their dictionaries were the members of the Gassetts Grange of Chester. The third grade received the dictionaries on Wednesday October eleventh. Gassetts Grange has been giving dictionaries to the third grade at CES  because it is their way of trying to help others in the community.

Two of the third graders said their favorite thing to do is look up the fifty states in their books.  The Gassetts Grange has been giving dictionaries for over ten year’s.

Thank You PTO!

The staff at CES would like to thank the PTO for our monthly treat!  It was yummy and a feast for the eyes!  If you are interested in joining the CES Parent Teacher Organization, the next meeting is on November 9 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.  To contact the PTO email them at    

Are you Ready to Be Scared?

By Kiera Bathrick

On October 31, there is going to be a Halloween party and parade at CES. Any age can go to the parade and the parents or siblings that aren’t in this school can watch the parade from  the sidewalk. The parade is going to be at 1:30. For the parade we are going to walk around town. The Route we are taking is: George Street to Pine Street, Atkinson Street to Oak Street, then Church Place and then back to school.  We are doing the parade and party to celebrate Halloween. CES students are going to dress up and walk around the town. Make sure you bring your camera and take pictures of your children!


Who Made This Mess ?

by Liam Taylor

Parents of kindergarteners may ask, who is Kinderoo? Kinderoo is a famous kangaroo puppet at CES .  What does Kinderoo do for my child? Kinderoo introduces letters to kindergarteners.  Mrs. Pickering created her 20 years ago.  Kinderoo’s  favorite thing to leave on the floor are jelly beans, for the letter “J.”  Sully, our custodian does not like Kinderoo because she leaves messes on the floor. She comes from “The Success for All”  reading program. She arrived to CES by hopping.  Now you will know who you child is talking about when they speak about Kinderoo.