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Website articles are written by Central School Fourth Graders. Previous articles can be accessed from the older post link on the bottom left.

Mrs. Kane’s Class Wins Golden Shoe!

IMG_6311JPGThe February Walk-to-School event was held on Wednesday, February 1st, with students and staff walking from Hetty Green Park to Central School at 7:30 that morning.  There were 68 students walking, and the class with the highest percentage of walkers won the Golden Shoe Award for the month.


Mrs. Kane’s class has 11 walkers out of 18 students, for a percentage of 61%.  Mrs. I’s class was in second place with 7 walkers out of 12 students (58%), and Mrs. Hearne’s class came in third place with 6 walkers out of 11 students (55%).  The next Walk-to-School will be held on March 1st.  Listen and watch for more details after the February vacation!

Fourth Grader Masters Color Switch!

rsz_img_4988 rsz_img_4990

By Ferris

On February 2nd, 2017, in Room 5 at Central Elementary School, a fourth grader mastered the game Color Switch. He felt up to the challenge, and he kept trying!  He challenges all other students to try to beat his record!

Third Grade Poets Share Their Poet-Tree!

IMG_5884JPG IMG_5885JPGby Sara

On January 9th, at Monday Morning Meeting, the third graders shared some of the poems they have been writing during their recent poetry unit.  Students have been writing haiku, cinquain, acrostic, and rhyming poems.  They have been placing them on white circles on a tree shape in the third grade hallway.  They have made a poet-tree with their poetry!  Here are a couple of the poems:

Moon (by Kiera)

High up above us / Disappearing in the clouds / We all say good night.

Special Season (by Kyleigh)

Special season

Pretty colors

Raindrops falling

Important for flowers

Nature is beautiful

Gardens growing

Ninjas (by Henry)

Ninjas appears

In the dark night, but

Now they are gone in


Ancient history by they

Still are not forgotten.

Supporting Our Friend

Making a banner for Joaquin!

Making a banner for Joaquin!

By Hadley

CES students and staff are supporting Joaquin, a fourth grader sick with leukemia. He has been in the hospital since November 1st. He will come back to school when he is feeling all better.  The fourth graders made cards and banners for his hospital room, and they are preparing activity bags for him for each week he is in the hospital.  The third graders raised some money for the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth where he is being treated.  Everyone at Central School is thinking of Joaquin and supporting him and his family in fighting leukemia.

Seven Habits in Reading Block!

20161101_104416-1 20161101_104400

By Isabella

The first and second graders are using the 7 habits during reading block in Mrs. Bolotin and Miss Cloues’ classroom! Miss Cloues said, “I think I am seeing better reading every day. I also think that the kids love to pick special choices to do!”

Mrs. Bolotin said, “I like when the kids get to earn a point almost every day. I love to see them earn 10 stars and get to pick something fun to do.”

Kamdyn said, “I like when the kids in reading block work together and do the 7 habits.” The first and second graders are working hard to earn points to do special things. They are remembering to do the 7 habits!


dsc05306jpgby John and Ferris

The first graders have been reading the book Cupcakes, and they decided to make some cupcakes too!


Stirring the batter!

The Circus Came to Central!

For two marvelous weeks in November and December, Troy Wunderle brought his super fantastic, high energy circus tricks and talents to Central School, and everyone got to join in the fun!  At every PE class and at special sessions scheduled throughout the two weeks, students tried out the circus equipment and learned about balance, eye-hand coordination, and always being brave!

On the evening of Thursday, December 8th, the entire CES community performed an amazing circus extravaganza for the community.  It was held at the Bellows Falls Union High School gymnasium, and it began with a circus parade of students wearing their circus hats made in Art class with Mrs. Cohun!  Then the circus acts began!  There were silly dogs, a crazy Red Light/Green Light game, feather balancers, jugglers, stilts walkers, pogo stickers, and much, much more!  Even the teachers tried to do a trick!  The grand finale involved every student in a school-wide pyramid!

The following day, in one final session with Troy, students got to try out any circus equipment they wanted.  Then the circus residency ended with an amazing performance by Troy, during which he even admitted that he was afraid of heights….as he was putting on his 8 foot tall stilts!  He proceeded to walk over the fourth graders!

Everyone at CES sends a grateful THANK YOU to the PTO for sponsoring Troy’s residency, to Mr. Lawry for helping in every way with the circus fun, and to Troy Wunderle himself for always being brave and….making it just a little harder!!

First Grade Thanksgiving Dinner!

Mrs. I enjoys a bite of the yummy Thanksgiving dinner!

Mrs. I enjoys a bite of the yummy Thanksgiving dinner!

by Aubrey

The first graders and their families enjoyed a potluck Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, November 17th, in the CES gymnasium to celebrate Thanksgiving.  The first graders performed some songs and poems.  Avery reported that the first graders had practiced for the event in the Music Room, and her favorite part was the play.  Caitlyn and Emily loved the turkey with gravy, and Duke especially like the poem.  Griffin enjoyed everything about the event!

Central School Mock Election

Miss Kirstie places her ballot in the ballot box and receives an "I Voted" sticker!

Miss Kirstie places her ballot in the ballot box and receives an “I Voted” sticker!

by Emma K.

On Tuesday, November 8th, Central School had a mock election in the fourth grade classroom.  CES students lined up at the door to get marked off on the voter checklist, then they were escorted to a voting booth by a fourth grade assistant where they marked their choice and then placed their ballot in the ballot box.  In the afternoon, Mrs. Kane’s class opened the absentee ballots, sorted the ballots, and counted the votes.  144 students voted, and 53 staff members voted.  Hillary Clinton received 151 votes, and Donald Trump received 41 votes.  There were four write-in votes, and one spoiled ballot.  Hillary Clinton won the mock election by 110 votes.

Mrs. I’s Class Wins the Golden Shoe Award!


Third grade walkers!

By Justin

On Wednesday, November 2, our second Walk-to-School was held. Students met at the Rockingham Recreation Center to walk to Central School.  There were 57 total walkers!  The class with the highest percentage of walkers was Mrs. I’s first grade with six out of eleven students walking, so they won the Golden Shoe Award.  In second place was Mrs. Green’s class with 8 out of 15 students walking, and in third place was Mrs. Kane’s class with 8 out of 18 students walking.