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Looking back into Family History



Natalie Kinsey Warnock, children’s book author and genealogist,  comes to CES every two years to help 3rd and 4th graders  research a person in their family, which is called an ancestor.  Then the 3rd and 4th graders go on websites called, and heritagequest  The students use these online tools to research their ancestor by viewing birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, military records and census information.  The person each student picks has to be a grandparent or older.  Once all the information about the  ancestor is gathered, the students will write about them, gather photos and cool historic papers and create a board. They will  present the boards on Monday, February 12 friends and families.


Look Forward to Rollerblading

By Adam Augustinowicz
Have any of you noticed roller blades, pads, and helmets?  What did you think of?  Did you think “Are we going biking again?!” Well, sorry to bust your bubble. It is actually rollerblading for third and fourth grade.  Mr. Lawry had some equipment and he raised money for roller blades, pads, and helmets! The students roller blade in the gym during December and January.  Mr. Lawry got this idea from Mrs. Davis, the former gym teacher of CES. Mr. Lawry said, “It is good exercise, helps with balance, and it is fun.”  We all look forward to rollerblading through the month of January.

Mrs. Rounds

By Anthony Parrott
Mrs. Rounds is Central School’s secretary.  She has an important and demanding position.  Mrs. Rounds started working as a CES secretary in 1991.  Mrs. Cathie Davignon was the principal at that time.  Before she came too Central  she worked at TD Bank.  You might be surprised to know she has worked 26 years, more than 9,490 days and more than 227,760 hours at Central.  The best part of her job is seeing the staff, the kids and working with them. The hardest part of her job is getting here on time!  Now, you know more about our responsible school secretary.


Question of the Week?

by Sabrina Ladd

 What do you like doing in snow?

Lola likes to hang out and talk with her friends,

Joe likes to have snowball fights with his brothers and he likes to make snowman.

Finally Erin loves to make snowman with her friends.

There are so many things to do with friends in the winter, you could make snowman and have snowball fights with your brothers like Joe,or you could hang out with friends like Lola. What do you like doing in the  winter?

Fourth Graders Study Vermont’s Super Interesting Animals

By: Anthony Marquise

Mrs. Kane’s class and Mrs. Kamel’s class are studying Vermont Wildlife Animals.

They are studying reptiles, mammals, fish, bugs and other animals. First, Mrs. Kane’s and Mrs. Kamel’s class went to Google classroom to look up their animal and read about it.

Then they took notes about their state’s animal. Next, Mrs. Kane’s class and Mrs. Kamel’s class went to the school library and took out books about their animals to read them. Then they took notes from the books about the animals. Also, the students watched YouTube Videos about their animal.  Finally, after they get done with all the research, they will write an essay about their animal and  make a model of their animal.   In the spring of 2018, they will bring their presentation and model of their animal to the Herrick’s Cove Wildlife Festival.

Fourth Graders are doing this because the have been invited to participate in the Wildlife Festival.

Fourth Graders are looking forward to participating and presenting their project at the Wildlife Festival.

The Shortest Day is Coming


By Anthony Parrott

illustration of months in the solar system

Did you know the Winter Solstice is coming on December 21 at 11:48 A.M. in the Northern Hemisphere?  Do you know people from various cultures have celebrated the Winter Solstice for thousands of years?  This is the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year.  There will be only 7 hours, 49 minutes, and 41 seconds of daylight on Thursday, December 21.  Thousands of years ago, it was celebrated as the rebirth of the sun and was known as Yule and Jul.

4th Grade Poet Visit

By Henry Langkowski Photographs by Adam Augustinowicz

Have you met Mrs. Virginia, an author of many books of poems? Well, Thursday, November 30, was the day that Mrs. Kane’s class did! They read many poems that the class ( And me!) enjoyed a lot! They were all wonderful poems! A few days later, Mrs. Kane’s class started making a card for Mrs. Virginia. We all hope she will come back soon!

FEE-Fi-Fo-Fum, I Smell Potatoes!

Adam Augustinowicz


Have you recently noticed some students and  adults outside the school on George Street with pitchforks at recess?  Did you ever wonder “what are they doing?”  Well, they were digging taters.  It was Mrs. Hardy’s idea of having third graders plant them and then have the students  dig and harvest them as fourth graders.  She felt it was important for the students to see “the fruit of their labors.”

The fourth graders harvested the potatoes on Nov.13th.  The following students: Cayden, Addison, Joaquin, Anthony, Raven, and Mrs.Kane.  Just about 50 potatoes were dug, and Karen, the cook, cooked some potatoes on Nov. 30th for the Shepherd’s Pie which was boiled and mashed. Karen said that she liked cooking the potatoes because “the meal is fresh .”  Mrs.Stagg said “the potatoes were good.”  I would say that everybody was satisfied.

Thanksgiving in Mrs. O’s Class

By Anthony Parrott


You might not know a lot about Mrs. O’s Thanksgiving Day class meal. It happens in her classroom.  The student’s help prepare a Thanksgiving feast by preparing the food the day before. This year the feast included, turkey, potatoes, carrots and muffins.  The students even made their own butter!    Mrs. O. has continued this tradition for 20 years.    She does it because it’s fun for the class and they all get to cook to.  The kids enjoy cooking and think it’s fun.  Especially they like to eat the food they make.  This year, they had a meal but the students also made books about the first Thanksgiving!

The School’s Own Shopping Mall?!

By Alex Cote


Have you heard about the school’s shopping mall? That’s crazy! Does the school have it’s own row of stores to shop from?! Well, we’re not going to rip down 50 houses for that!  On December 13th, the lunch room will transform to have a “pop up” shopping mall, to give students at CES an opportunity to shop for their siblings, mom and dad. It is to teach kids to share and to give to others. The PTO has planned this shopping mall. Nice people donated gently used items. Would you like to donate a gift or two? You can check in with Mrs. Rounds or the PTO to find out more.   If you are wondering what presents are donated or which ones you might donate, anything will do!  It is to get kids into the “present giving“ spirit. We pack the presents away for next year if they are not sold. We never ever new what the widest gift was. Most kids will bring 50-75 cents for each person.