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CES celebrates Family Day


On Monday September 24, Parks Place came and celebrated National Family Day by setting up a table outside of CES after school.    There were prizes to be had and pasta to be given away as families signed a contract agreeing to sit down to a meal, share food and discussion.

National Family Day was started in 2001 by the Center of Addiction. It celebrates the everyday things we do as a family, such as playing a game, reading together, going for walks and of course, eating dinner together.  The belief is that the simple activity of spending quality time together as a family strengthens family relationships that can lead to a healthier, more successful lives.  Thanks to Deb from Parks Place for setting this up!

Staff Looking for Refrigerator

After many years of service, the refrigerator in the teacher’s room at CES has finally broke   We are looking for a donation of a full size refrigerator to replace the one we lost.  Please note that in addition to keeping the staff food cold, it is often used to store birthday treats for classes, ice cream and popsicles for students. If you know of a refrigerator needing a home please contact Cindy Rounds in the CES office at 802-463-4346.

Open House

Please come by on August 28 at 1:00 pm to visit your classroom and say hello to CES staff.  The time is near for the first day of school and we would love to see you at the open house to celebrate what an awesome school year we are going to have.  Feel free to stop by the office and wave to Mrs.Rounds, drop in at the library and don’t forget, if you see Mr. Sully say thank you for all his hard work this summer.

Don’t forget the first day of school is Wednesday August 29! For more information you can link to WNESU

Congratulations Fourth grade and Kindergarten!

By WIN Skills Group

On Friday June 15 at 2:00 pm CES will be celebrating the fourth grade in the Farewell to Fourth grade ceremony.  This will take place in the gym. Staff, students, parents, friends and family can come and shake the hand of a outgoing fourth grader and wish them well.



Please come and join us on Monday June 18, 2018 at 9:00 am  for our annual Kindergarten graduation. The kinders will walk through hallway dressed in graduate hats and the school community will celebrate and clap for their awesome accomplishment.  Parents, family, friends and community member are welcome to come and say their well wishes. Following the procession around the school there will be a party in the classrooms.



On Wednesday, June 6th students set a new CES RECORD!!! There were 120 students to walk from the Hetty Green Park to Central.  There was a lot of cheering and happy smiles when we got back to school. The kids in Mrs.Kane’s 4th grademade a banner that we will be hanging up in the hallway because we met the SCHOOL RECORD!!

Congratulations CES!!!

Plymouth Notch


By Tatiana  Charon Jayana Newhall

On June 6, Fourth graders will be taking a field trip to Plymouth Notch State Park. We will be visiting Calvin Coolidge’s Homestead. We will be visiting the cheese factory, general store and the church as well. Fourth graders are going because they have been learning about Vermont’s  history. Calvin Coolidge was a Vermonter who was the 30th President of the United States.

An interesting fact is he was the only President to be sworn into office by his father.


The Montshire Museum

By Myleigh Illingworth

The Montshire Museum is the first grade trip on June 1, 2018. If you are a first grader, then you are going to have lots of fun at this amazing Museum. This is not a boring museum, this is a fun Museum. There is a gift shop, bubbles, dinosaur bones and a lot of stuff to play with and to feel. There hiking trails through the woods and along the Connecticut River. Outside, there is a science park where you can experiment with water and sound. You are going to learn so much!

The Montshire Museum is in Norwich,Vermont and has over 150 exhibits. It started in 1974 by a group of teachers. Montshire got its name from the last syllables of the two states that would visit the museum the most- Vermont and New Hampshire.

Something New on the Playground?

By Logan Jackson

Have you noticed the new circular bench on our back playground?  The bench was placed to protect the maple tree’s roots. Over the years the roots of the tree have become exposed which is not good for the tree.  Please remember to keep your feet on the outside of the bench. Also, please do not stand on the bench, swing on the tree’s branches or climb on the tree.  Please help us keep this tree healthy, so it will be around for many years!

Music, Music ,Music

By Joaquin Martinez

On Tuesday, May 22 in the music room, all fourth graders got to meet with Mr. Stanley Rumrill. Mr. Stanley Rumrill is the band director at Bellows Falls Middle School. He showed us different instruments like the clarinet, flute, trombone, and others so we could see some of the instruments that will be available to us when we enter 5th grade. Mr. Rumrill handed out sign up sheets for 4th graders to join the band when they go to  Middle School. Mr. Rumrill offers lessons over the summer as well as during the school day.  If you are a 4th grader at CES, make sure to sign up to join the band!

Herrick’s Cove

By Tatiana Charon

On May 6th, 4th graders from Mrs Kane’s and Mrs. Kamel’s class presented their Vermont animal reports.  They did it at the annual Wildlife Festival at Herricks Cove in Rockingham. The students came at different times to stand by their presentation boards and answered any questions that the public had for them.  The students enjoyed it and even got to see some of the other events. Some of the students even got to see the animals they did a report on!  All the students had so much fun, they hope that future 4th graders will get to do their presentation next year at Herrick’s Cove.  As one of the students who participated, I loved it!.