What Do You Want to Make?

By Delaney Stoodley

At CES kids K-4 are making stuff.  What kinds of things are they making? Where are they doing it? This year in the library, during recess, students are invited to come and use the makerspace.  A makerspace is a place where anyone can make, create, design, imagine and problem solve.  We have made airplanes, hoop gliders and cardboard arcade games.  The whole reason to have a makerspace is to encourage students to explore and create.

According to Ms.Hauser, “We have the space because we want kids to have the freedom to explore their creativity and the act of making.  These skills build upon other skills like the design process. The design process is what engineers use when developing a new product or trying to solve a problem. Engineers look to create, modify and reflect until they come to a solution that make sense.  It is about perseverance, it is about critical thinking.”

Students will use tools like recyclables, plastic, computers, cameras, iPads, circuits Legos, robotics and  much more.  If you would like to donate recyclables, Legos, tools (hammers, screwdrivers, drills ect.), material, sewing tools or just money to further the project please contact Ms.Hauser via email: jody.hauser@wnesu.com