Meeting with Authors and Illustrators!

CES students have had the pleasure of hearing some local illustrators/authors speak.    Just this Friday, November 2, the whole school was treated to a visit from John Steven Gurney, local illustrator of over 125 children’s books and a published author as well.  He shared with us his story of how he became an illustrator and explained some the methods he used to produce his work.  He even demonstrated his talent!  Mr.Gurney was at school representing the CLiF ( Children’s Literacy Foundation) grant.  The Year of the Book grant was awarded to the Rockingham Public Library and Central School benefits from this grant by being the elementary school in town.  The school library received $250 worth of brand new books and two author/illustrator visit.  In the spring, we will have another visit and students will receive a new book to take home! We would like to thank the CLiF group and the Rockingham Library for this wonderful opportunity.  We would also like to thank Mr. Gurney for an outstanding and entertaining talk and his donation of his graphic novel, Fuzzy Baseball to our school library.

The third and fourth grade students were also able to attend the student portion of the Brattleboro Literary Festival, featuring illustrator/author, Jarett Kroszcka at the Latchis Theater in Brattleboro.   Similar to Mr.Gurney, Kroszcka spoke about how he became an illustrator/author.  We were able to see some of his early work and his process for creating new characters through illustration and writing.  He also dazzled us with his talent by drawing for us with a light saber!  Central students are most familiar with Krozcka’s  Lunch Lady graphic novel series.