Delicious and Nutritious Lunch Food!

By Jade Jones

Photo by Carter Tuttle

There is a new lunch program at CES this year.  The program is including more local, homemade food on it’s menu.  If you don’t want hot lunch, this we have a fresh salad bar. Students can make their own custom salad.  It is delicious and nutritious. We also have a new lunch service provider, named Miss Denise. Fourth grader, Erin Milliken say “ The food is delicious! It’s homemade so it’s better than processed food. My favorite is the chicken nuggets.”

“The hot dogs taste just like my mom’s!” says Delaney Stoodley.  In my opinion, the pizza and all the food is delicious. Student’s can sign up for a lunch account.  Lunch costs 2.91 for students and 4.99 for adults.