The Walk to School Challenge

By  Cameron Guetti

All year Mr. Lawry has challenged classes to participate in the Walk to School Program.   The class with the most participation would win the Golden Shoe Award for the month. The class that wins gets to keep the award in their room for the month.

For our last walk to school day, Mr Lawry wants 15 students from each class to come.  We all meet at the Hetty Green Park at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, June 6, and then everyone will walk with their class back to school.  If 15 students from each of the classes participate, this would 120% school wide participation. This would be a first for our school!  Mrs Kane’s class was the first class to get 100% participation last time. I’m hoping all classes will come to the last walk to school, so there will be new school record!!!