By Jayana Newhall

Ms. Attig was a student teacher at Central Elementary School in Mrs.Kane’s  4th grade. She is a student from Castleton University in Rutland Vermont, and wants someday be a classroom teacher. Two of her favorite things are poetry and art. We really enjoyed having in her in our classroom.  One cool activity Ms. Attig did with us was making puppets and collaging our scenery for the puppets show. Ms. Attig ended up in Mrs.Kane’s room because Mr.Nemlich thought they would work well together and Ms.Attig would have a good experience with the students in the class.  

Myleigh Illingworth in Mrs. Kane’s fourth grade class said, “When she was teaching it was like she was a real teacher, not one just learning.”  

Tatiana Charon said “She is funny, and she made Science fun!”

We wish Ms. Attig well.  She is graduating this spring and will be looking for a job in the teaching field.  Whatever class gets her as a teacher will be lucky!