The Fantastic Mr.Fox

By Jasmine Perry-Ives & Xander Montford

On Friday, April 13, Mrs. Stagg’s WIN group put on a skit based on a few chapters from the  book, The Fantastic Mr. Fox  by Roald Dahl.  After many practices the following students: Jasmine Perry-Ives, Tatiana Charon, Cameron Guetti, Myleigh Illingworth, Madysin Howarth, Ben Valentine, Anthony Marquise, Beth Lin, Loralei Hill, Austin Bebey, Jarrick LaFleur-Brough performed two performances in the library for students and staff.  The first performance was at 9:45 am for the Kindergarteners and Second graders. The second performance was at 12:45 pm for First, Third and Fourth graders. Everyone in school seemed to enjoy the performance. There was suspense, laughter and cliffhanger at the end.

Cadance James, a student actress herself, loved the show. “My favorite part was when Bunce hit Bean and Boggis on the head with his hat.”

Addison Terry says, “ I liked it when Bunce ate a donut, Boggis was gnawing on a chicken bone and Bean was chugging cider!”

Jasmine Perry-Ives, as Bunce the actor tells us, “ It was fun to see the audience laugh and I was  embarrassed!” Other performances that stood out were Myleigh as a sly Mr. Fox and Tatianna as his worried wife. The cast was rounded out by the narrators Ben Valentine and Anthony Marquise.   The performers worked hard and left the audience very satisfied- even though it was a cliffhanger!