5K Training With The Thunder Chickens

By Addison Terry, Cadance James and Jasmine Perry-Ives

If you saw a large group of students and adults running on the Walpole Common, it was CES runners and Thunder Chickens training for the Rockin’ Ham 5K.  The CES runners met the Thunder Chickens at the Walpole Common for their joint training session on March 26th. CES students got on the bus around 3:00 pm to meet the Thunder Chickens.

Did you know that four loops around the Walpole Common equals one mile? Everytime a student ran a loop they received a stick.  Runners traded four sticks for a plastic foot charm. Some runners got one foot, others got two feet, some got three feet, and a few got four feet.  One incredible runner got eight feet which means he ran eight miles. We had a lot of fun running with  our friendly competitors The Thunder Chickens!!!

When the Thunder Chickens arrive, to participate in the Rockin’ Ham 5K,  CES will welcome them with a friendly chicken dance.  Don’t forget to register.  It is going to be a snorting good time!