Reviewed by  Addison Terry

On Thursday, March 15th grades 1-4 got to see this AMAZING! show from the Sandglass Theater.    Jana and Shoshana, who are sisters, are also the puppeteers. Their show had Chocoalito a stick puppet, Casper a hand puppet, Augustine another hand puppet, and the cow was also a hand puppet.  The flea circus was AWESOME, because it looked like there was an actual flea, but really it was all props attached to strings under the table. There was even smoke coming out of the cannon! One funny thing I saw was that Shoshanna was bringing the tiny flea back to life with a flag.  Jana and Shoshanna did some beautiful songs and dances, I really liked how graceful they looked.

Desi Broadly, a third grader, said, ¨I liked Chocoalito and my favorite  part was the Flea circus¨

Joe Valentine, also a third grader said, ¨ I liked making the puppet.¨

Wyatt Whidden said, ¨ I liked drawing the puppets¨  

The third grade was lucky enough to make a puppet.  Hopefully the Sandglass Theater will be back next year!