Everyone Enjoys a Good Puppet Show!

By Ashlin Williams

On Thursday March 15, 2018 the Sandglass Theater visited Central Elementary School and performed for grades 1-4.  The library WIN skills had a chance to talk to Jana and her younger sister Shoshana.

The sisters, were born in a family of puppeteers. Their mother Ines and father Eric, started the Sandglass theater in Putney, Vermont. The puppet shows that the students saw were all written by Ines, Jana and Shoshana mom. To create a new puppet show, it can take up to 2-4 years. The Sandglass Theater is very busy, performing 20-30 shows per year, visiting schools, and teaching workshops. They also design all their own sets and props.  Shoshana has a background in dance and circus arts. Jana’s favorite puppets are Casper and Augustine which are hand puppets and Shoshanna’s favorite puppet is a table top puppet that is a shoe maker. What Shoshanna loves best about puppets is ‘’ All you need is an audience to bring a puppet to life.”