Third and Fourth Grade Skate into January


By Madysin Howarth

Once a week in January and February, third and fourth graders of CES will be learning to ice skate. The students will go in groups to the Vermont Academy Ice Rink.  Mr. Lawry started the program because he wanted kids to learn how to ice skate. There is a charge for the school to use VA’s rink, but there is no charge to individual students as Central’s PTO pays the fee for students’ the ice time.


Noah said, “Last year’s experience of skating at VA was fun!”   He is looking forward to going again this year and not using a crate.”  As a student in Mrs. Kamel’s class, I think you should start out with a crate if you are not ready to start skating by yourself.  Mr. Lawry is really good and patient helping the kids learn how to skate.


Some other schools use the rink as well as their hockey team, the Wildcats.