First Grade Takes A Day To Splash Off

By Damian Grover

First grade teachers and Mr. Lawry took both first grades to Edgar May Health & Recreation Center to learn how to swim on Friday afternoons in January. The swim program was set up by  Nurse Anita and Mr. Lawry.  Grants funds and Central’s PTO paid for the students to participate in the swim program.  Every student had a 1/2 hour swim lesson and then enjoyed 1 1/2 hours of supervised free swimming.  One of the students, Theresa, said, “At first I was too scared to do my swimming test, but I passed the test!”  When it first started one student named Brennan said “I want to do the swimming test but I’m still too scared because I don’t like deep end, I’m really nervous.”  This program is a fun way for kids to learn how to swim and be safe.