FEE-Fi-Fo-Fum, I Smell Potatoes!

Adam Augustinowicz


Have you recently noticed some students and  adults outside the school on George Street with pitchforks at recess?  Did you ever wonder “what are they doing?”  Well, they were digging taters.  It was Mrs. Hardy’s idea of having third graders plant them and then have the students  dig and harvest them as fourth graders.  She felt it was important for the students to see “the fruit of their labors.”

The fourth graders harvested the potatoes on Nov.13th.  The following students: Cayden, Addison, Joaquin, Anthony, Raven, and Mrs.Kane.  Just about 50 potatoes were dug, and Karen, the cook, cooked some potatoes on Nov. 30th for the Shepherd’s Pie which was boiled and mashed. Karen said that she liked cooking the potatoes because “the meal is fresh .”  Mrs.Stagg said “the potatoes were good.”  I would say that everybody was satisfied.