The School’s Own Shopping Mall?!

By Alex Cote


Have you heard about the school’s shopping mall? That’s crazy! Does the school have it’s own row of stores to shop from?! Well, we’re not going to rip down 50 houses for that!  On December 13th, the lunch room will transform to have a “pop up” shopping mall, to give students at CES an opportunity to shop for their siblings, mom and dad. It is to teach kids to share and to give to others. The PTO has planned this shopping mall. Nice people donated gently used items. Would you like to donate a gift or two? You can check in with Mrs. Rounds or the PTO to find out more.   If you are wondering what presents are donated or which ones you might donate, anything will do!  It is to get kids into the “present giving“ spirit. We pack the presents away for next year if they are not sold. We never ever new what the widest gift was. Most kids will bring 50-75 cents for each person.