Nim’s Island Theme Day

By Sabrina Ladd

Do you remember theme day? What was your favorite part of theme day? Theme day was held on Tuesday, November 21st.  Do you know our theme for the year is STEAM, that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

The students were split into certain groups for their theme activities. The groups were Cars, Washing Machines, Cameras, Printers, Steam Engines, Computers, Telephones, Light Bulbs,and Microwaves.

Do you know why we did this?  We did this because the whole school had just finished the all school book Nim’s Island.

The students’ activities were based on the book, Nim’s Island.  The activities we did were sea turtle mosaics because of the turtle called Chica, tin foil boat making because of the Nim’s father’s boat, and paper and straw gliders because of Alex Rover’s helicopter and Nim’s zipline.   Alex Cote said “I liked building the tin foil boats and testing them on the water.”

At 12:15 the entire school walked down to the BF Opera House to watch Nim’s Island. The entire school enjoyed a nice warm buttery popcorn and ice cold water.

Quote from Henry “I was excited only for the popcorn.”