CES Jobs Are Awesome!

By Anthony Marquise


Who can apply for the CES jobs?  During an interview with Mr. Nemlich he explained how students apply for the jobs, what kind of jobs are available, and why students want to do these jobs.  Every student in CES can apply for a job.  There are many kinds of jobs available students can do to help the school.  Students can apply for the following positions:  scuff buster  getting rid of scratches on the floor in the hallway with sticks and tennis balls, floor cleaner   sweeping and mopping the food area, after lunch, table cleaner, helping clean the gym tables after breakfast and lunch, book cart, taking  the cart to library class, iPad helper, help Ms. Hauser with putting iPads away, and morning announcer,  going on the phone in the morning and announcing the day.

A student applies for a job and then gets  it for 6-10 weeks. Cleaning jobs are 6 weeks, iPad helper and morning announcer are 8 weeks. Kids apply for these jobs because the want to help the school. Adults cannot do all the jobs. So kids see that the jobs are a help. So kids will want to do the jobs.

Mr. Nemlich came up with this idea when he visited a school in New Hampshire. He saw the kids doing the jobs and thought it would be fun for CES.