By Liam Taylor

Something exciting happened this week to the third and fourth graders.  It was Bike Week.   You may have asked,  “What was the trailer on the back playground?”  The trailer was  full of bikes!  Mr.Lawry was able to rent the trailer and the bikes were loaned to the school.     We have bike week because it is very  important to stay safe while biking. During bike week we learn how to use hand signals, learn all about wearing bright colors and the ABC quick check.  We even got to go for a bike ride around town!  Cayden Gay, fourth grade says, “I think bike week is good because kids might not have experience with different types of bikes or they might not even have a bike at home.  I think it will help them learn skills so when they old enough to ride on roads, they will know the rules of the road and not be hit by a car.”

Thanks to Mr. Lawry and Mrs.Stuewe.  According to Mr.Lawry, “Bike week would not be possible if it weren’t for Mrs. Stuewe.”