Third Grade Poets Share Their Poet-Tree!

IMG_5884JPG IMG_5885JPGby Sara

On January 9th, at Monday Morning Meeting, the third graders shared some of the poems they have been writing during their recent poetry unit.  Students have been writing haiku, cinquain, acrostic, and rhyming poems.  They have been placing them on white circles on a tree shape in the third grade hallway.  They have made a poet-tree with their poetry!  Here are a couple of the poems:

Moon (by Kiera)

High up above us / Disappearing in the clouds / We all say good night.

Special Season (by Kyleigh)

Special season

Pretty colors

Raindrops falling

Important for flowers

Nature is beautiful

Gardens growing

Ninjas (by Henry)

Ninjas appears

In the dark night, but

Now they are gone in


Ancient history by they

Still are not forgotten.