The Circus Came to Central!

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For two marvelous weeks in November and December, Troy Wunderle brought his super fantastic, high energy circus tricks and talents to Central School, and everyone got to join in the fun!  At every PE class and at special sessions scheduled throughout the two weeks, students tried out the circus equipment and learned about balance, eye-hand coordination, and always being brave!

On the evening of Thursday, December 8th, the entire CES community performed an amazing circus extravaganza for the community.  It was held at the Bellows Falls Union High School gymnasium, and it began with a circus parade of students wearing their circus hats made in Art class with Mrs. Cohun!  Then the circus acts began!  There were silly dogs, a crazy Red Light/Green Light game, feather balancers, jugglers, stilts walkers, pogo stickers, and much, much more!  Even the teachers tried to do a trick!  The grand finale involved every student in a school-wide pyramid!

The following day, in one final session with Troy, students got to try out any circus equipment they wanted.  Then the circus residency ended with an amazing performance by Troy, during which he even admitted that he was afraid of heights….as he was putting on his 8 foot tall stilts!  He proceeded to walk over the fourth graders!

Everyone at CES sends a grateful THANK YOU to the PTO for sponsoring Troy’s residency, to Mr. Lawry for helping in every way with the circus fun, and to Troy Wunderle himself for always being brave and….making it just a little harder!!