Mr. Ken Wins Humphrey Trivia Contest!

rsz_img_4889By Nevaeh and Skylar

Mr. Ken Lawrence won the Humphrey Trivia Contest held Monday, October 24th, during Monday Morning Meeting!  Fourth graders Ferris and Sophia hosted the event in the Central School gym.

Mr.Ken prepared for the Humphrey Trivia Contest by reading the whole book over on Saturday!!  He felt nervous before it started because he was scared that he wouldn’t win and would get the questions wrong.  When he won, he was really excited and was glad that he studied.  Mr.Ken gave his prize of carrots to the kitchen for all of the Central kids.

Mr. Ken talks to no one at night when everybody leaves, but he has visited Humphrey a few times in the library.  He also says that he is not afraid when he’s all alone in the school because he gets used to it.  He said it would be nice to have a school pet, but he wouldn’t know what animal it would be.  Mr. Ken loves his job except for the black marks and muddy floors.  And he enjoys reading if it is a good book he likes.

But do you know what Mr. Ken doesn’t do?  He does not balance his broom on his finger and do little dances like Aldo, the janitor from the book The World According to Humphrey.

And that is basically half of what you need to know about Mr. Ken!