Spartan Racers!!

By Gracie and Rianah

On the weekend of September 17th and 18th, Mr. dsc05002jpgLawry, Brady, and Alex participated in a Spartan Race at Killington.  There is a Spartan Race for adults and another one for kids.

Brady, a kindergarten student in Mrs.Pickering’s class, said, “My favorite part of the race was when I was running through the mud and my shoe got stuck!”

Alex is also in kindergarten, and she said her favorite part was the whole thing.  She also said the worst part was being the slowest in the race.

Mr. Lawry said the hardest obstacle was the tarzan swing.  What you had to do in the tarzan swing was climb a ladder, then swing across the lake.  Next you had to hit the buzzer, then you would drop into the lake again!

All the participants were awarded a shiny gold medal and a head band.  Congratulations to Alex, Brady, and Mr. Lawry for completing the race!!!