Reading is an Investment Program

rsz_2014-12-12_134609by Tyler

Central School is one of the 137 Vermont elementary schools participating in the Reading is an Investment program.  The statewide program promotes the importance of reading and teaching children about personal finances.  This is the fifth year of the program that was developed by Vermont State Treasurer’s office and is distributed to participating schools free of charge.

The educational focus for the 2014-2015 program is “building a money plan.”   The featured books are Three Cups by Mark St. German; The Girl and the Bicycle by Mark Pett; and Librarian on the Roof!  by M.G. King.

“The Reading is an Investment program is a great way for our students to learn about and discuss money.  I particularly like this year’s theme of making a money plan, and we have been having great discussions during Library class about saving, spending, and sharing money,” said Mrs.Kane

“Children need to learn about money from a young age,”  said State Treasurer Beth Pearce.  “The Reading is an Investment program provides parents and educators with resources that allow them to introduce financial concepts early and build off of that knowledge.  I appreciate the work being done in our local elementary schools to promote financial literacy.”

The Reading is an Investment program takes a two-pronged approach to promoting financial literacy – class or library instruction and personal reading.  Each fall, participating elementary schools receive three new hardcover books.  Lesson plans and activities are included with the books to teach money concepts.  At the same time, students are encouraged to participate in a personal financial literacy reading program.  School librarians receive a recommended money reading list that highlights books that focus on basic financial concepts.  Students who read at least three books from the list and complete personal reading requirements can send a complete reading log to the treasurer’s office for entry in a statewide drawing for one of twenty $250 accounts in Vermont Higher Education Investment Plan – Vermont’s official 529 college savings plan.  Last year, more than 4,100 students completed reading logs and entered the drawing for the college savings accounts.  Students at Central School have completed their Reading is an Investments reading logs, and they will be sent to Montpelier to be entered in the drawing.

The Vermont program is underwritten by contributions to the Financial Literacy Trust Fund.  The fund was created by the state legislature in 2008 and authorizes the state treasurer to receive money from a variety of sources to fund financial literacy programs.  Major supporters of the program are the TD Bank Charitable Foundation, the Windham Foundation and Comcast.  Vermont Higher Education Investment Plan prizes are provided by the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation.